Friday, January 1, 2010


Robin wrote this more than a week ago, but we're posting it today because we wanted time to tell our families in person.

Today is Christmas Eve.

Last night after dinner, I was settled into the couch with some last minute Christmas embroidering in my lap. T was alternating between Kyle and I for stories. The phone rang. It was Marissa. MARISSA, people. Do you KNOW who Marissa is? If you're in the Holt Thai program, you do. So you know where I'm going with this.

Kyle answered and was talking so calmly and didn't even gesture for me to pick up the other phone, but I did out of curiosity anyway. And she was calling with OUR REFERRAL!

It was so unexpected, and Kyle was remaining so serious during the call, that I was worried that *he* was worried about some of the information we were getting. So *I* tried not to get excited. Until we could talk. Until we could call a pediatrician. Until we could be rational. But really, I was in shock. I simply couldn't believe I was talking to Marissa, on the night before Christmas Eve, about a little boy in Thailand.

We headed to the laptop, asking ourselves if we wanted to hold off on looking at the pictures until we could reach a pediatrician (on Christmas EVE? I was starting to panic.). We said yes, let's wait on the photographs. We opened the email to see his face staring out at us. Oops. Too late. We knew he was ours!

We made some desperate phone calls and sent some panicky emails trying to find a doctor to work with us before Christmas (how could we NOT DECIDE before Christmas??). I will forever be grateful to one fellow Holt mom for taking time to talk with me for 45 minutes while she was trying to get ready to go out of town.

Ultimately, we had some great email correspondence with a physician friend and then a mad-dash across the ice-covered city to get to the pediatrician's office before they closed for the holiday. The doctor we talked to was an adoptive dad himself and we felt so blessed that he took time to see us. He confirmed that there was no reason not to adopt this little boy. That's all we needed to hear.

We picked up photos of little "P" on the way home and put them in an album for T. T keeps repeating his name and insisted on taking his nap with the album under his pillow. We haven't told him the pictures are of his brother yet because we're afraid he'll tell his grandparents at church tonight...we have a surprise planned for tomorrow instead. (The plan includes emergency crafting, so I was up until midnight making props!) We considered letting Santa somehow tell T about his brother, but quickly realized that could only be confusing to T.

So now we have stopped sleeping because we are too excited. And Christmas is tomorrow and there is so much we planned to do that we suddenly don't have time for. But I can let all of it go, because I suddenly am matched with a little boy in Thailand and it makes my world look totally different.

P's name means "utmost progress" in Thai. He is living in a foster family in Bang Sai, the same village where T's foster family lives. He turns one year old next month. Did I mention that we're excited?



rachel said...

EEEEK! I am SO SO excited for you guys!!!! I cannot wait to see pictures of him (when you can...obviously in a long time). Congratulations!!!!!!!!

Robin and Kyle said...

There's a pic on Facebook :)

Hannah said...

yippy yahoo!!!!!!!! I'm so super excited and can't wait to hear all the details! We'll plan a park meeting in the Spring!! :) HUGS

Wendy said...

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah!!!! I just posted last week about remembering getting our call for Lily from Holt (pre-Marissa, though), so I know exactly how you feel getting THE BEST Christmas gift ever!!! Congratulations!!!!!

Sarah said...

O my gosh! O my gosh! We love it! Congratulations! You are so good at planning surprises...the video on FB is priceless. We are so happy for your sweet family. What a happy new year. xoxoxox

Jessica said...

Congratulations! So wonderful. And, what a fun way to share the news. (and darn it, now I'm gonna have to join FB.)

Jennifer said...

I am so happy for you guys!! I can't believe you got your referral already! I thought it was supposed to take so much longer now-and I am so glad that hasn't been the case for you guys! YAY P!

Kerrie (and Jason) said...

i've only just started following your blog (we're waiting parents as well from Australia) but I am super excited that I started just in time to see this wonderful post. Woohoo! I hope your time to travel is extra quick.

Nichole and Craig said...

Congratulations. That is such great news right before Christmas. Can't wait to see a pic.

Nicole - Raising Animals said...

Oh wow!! Congrats!! What a wonderful gift!

Wyndee said...

Wow!!! What an awesome Christmas gift!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!

John and Nancy said...

Congtaulations to all of you! Cannot wait to hear about the rest of your adventure!
Nancy, John, and Wi

Hirally said...


Melissa May said...

Oh my goodness!!!!! That is amazing! What a wonderful Christmas gift! : ) Heading over to FB right now to see pics! : ) yay!!! (Did I mention CONGRATULATIONS???!!!)

Anonymous said...

Amazing! VERY very happy for you and your families: an unforgettable moment to cherish forever. Enjoy it and all the best and our love to you both and sweet Tanu, kisses from Belgium
Ella, Hanna, Maarten & Elke xx XX

Maci Miller said...

WOW! Just popped over to see how your Christmas was and OH MY! You have your referral for #2! HUGE congrats!!! What a great Christmas present Santa brought you this year! Looking forward to watching you bring your second son home!

rosemary said...

OK, so I have been gone from blog-land forever now but I am so glad to see you have gone public with your news! Congratulations to all FOUR of you! Can't wait to see your family grow!!

Anonymous said...

I haven't read your blog (or any blog, for that matter - ha ha!)for a long time! Was so surprised and happy to read your news! Congratulations!

Amy Holland

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