Saturday, December 12, 2009

Two years

Two years ago tonight, I pulled into the driveway after work to see Kyle running out the back door, waving me frantically inside.  He had the phone in his hand, and laryngitis in his throat so he wasn't able to talk to our social worker, who had just called to tell us they'd matched us with a little boy named T, born in Bangkok and almost 7 months old.

I tried to keep from shaking as I stood in the kitchen and listened to Marissa read information from T's file.  I remember wondering how she thought I'd remember a thing she was telling me.  When the conversation was over, we tripped all over ourselves to get the computer open and look for an email that would have the photographs we'd been dreaming of seeing for the last year.  We paused before opening the files, looking at each other and holding our breath.  Then suddenly, we could see the beautiful face of a little boy whose name we weren't yet sure how to pronounce (and still weren't after we'd been home a full year, but that's another story).

Sharing the news of his referral with our family that Christmas was an excitement that I'll never forget.

I knew that our lives would never be the same, but I didn't really grasp the enormity of that change.  T is my greatest love and my greatest challenge.  His successes make me prouder than any personal accomplishment.  On tough days, he can make me more frustrated than I knew possible.  His joy is contagious and brightens the entire house.  I feel lucky beyond words that I'm T's mom.  It's hard to believe only 2 years have gone by.  Life feels so incredibly different now.

I'm finally letting myself get excited about the possibility of receiving word of T's future sibling.  It's still a long ways off, but I think I'll feel something like this:


Courtney said...

Oh, it makes me cry just reading it and remembering that unbelievable feeling of getting THE CALL. That seems like eons ago, our babies are growing up so fast!!

Jessica said...

I love referral day stories. No matter how much time has passed. Here's to hoping you have another one soon!

Bridget said...

Wow! I can't believe it has been two years. It doesn't seem that long ago we were reading about your referral and hoping we were in the next group. Time is flying by.

rosemary said...

I absolutely can't wait to hear your new story! I remember reading the story of T so vividly! It was so precious to us because it came just as we started our adoption process and we were just a basket of raw nerves.

Wendy said...

How funny! I just posted about the 5th anniversary of our call from Holt today before I even saw your post. I loved reading your story.

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