Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I happily have nothing important to say

I was thinking about attachment today because, well, I realized I hadn't thought about it in awhile.  T has been so very lovey lately.  I don't usually make a point to write about attachment when it's going well, but I probably should, or this blog will give the impression that our attachment with T is always a struggle.  It sometimes feels that way, but it sometimes feels easy.

The easy times have been rare since I lost my job in September.  While I enjoy not working 2nd shift, the change in routine was hard for all of us.  But, and I am aware that I am jinxing myself here, the last few weeks have been deliciously sweet.

I hear at least 60 cheerful "I love you, Mama!"s a day that are peppered with kisses on my nose, little arms around my neck, offers of back-rubs, and requests to snuggle longer.  He pets my hair and tells me I'm a "nice little girl".  I think he's in love - I know I am.  For the most part, T has been happy and about as compliant as a kid closer to 3 than 2 can be.

He still usually prefers me over Kyle when given the choice, but he misses his dad when he's at work and is excited to see him come home.

The road to attachment hasn't always been smooth for us, and there seem to be a lot of blind corners, so I'm relishing this patch of road while we're on it.



rosemary said...

I am so very pleased for and 3 of you! I know that this season must be very encouraging for you and Kyle. Sorry about the loosing of the job - I know that must make things tough - but I am so glad that all is well on the homefront. T continues to be such a beautiful little boy!

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