Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Passport photos

Readers who know me in real life already know that I will do almost anything to save twelve cents.  We make our own laundry soap, our own bread, and I'd be sewing/knitting our clothes if I wasn't, in addition to being thrifty, an extreme procrastinator (we'd end up naked, and with Wisconsin weather, that could be very bad).

One of the things I've been procrastinating on is getting a passport for T.  Now I'm down to the wire.  See, we filed for an extension on our taxes because I didn't have a SSN for T.  To get the SSN, it seems easiest to get the passport first.  Got that?  Passport, then SSN, then taxes.  Taxes are due October 15th.  Gulp.  Kyle, cover your eyes and don't read this:  I think we're going to have to just file without his SSN and file an amended return later.  My bad.

But in an effort to get the ball rolling the right direction, I finally looked up what we need to do to get T's passport.  To save exactly $7.84, we're using this website to make our own passport photos.  You upload a headshot with a white background, crop with their nifty help, and download the photos that are magically the right specifications and size.  We'll send this off to our local photo processor and get our passport photos for 15 cents.

The caveat was getting T to *stand still* for our little photo session.  I was all, "Hey T, look right at me, no - right. at. me.  Turn your head this way.  Wait, too far.  Look back *that* way.  Stop moving your arms.  Don't bite your lip.  Open your eyes.  Close your mouth.  Stand  up.  Don't lean forward.  Stand up straighter.  Not that straight.  I have to see both your ears.  Arms *down*."

I should have just told him: "Stop being two years old!!"
Poor guy.  Incredibly, I think we did get a shot that'll work, and Kyle reminded me this was preferable to having the whole scene play out *in public* at the grocery store with an 18 year old cashier holding an unfamiliar camera who might not have as much patience.

And also, T's passport will be actual proof that he's an American.  You never know when someone from Homeland Security will demand to see documentation at library storytime.  We can't be too careful.



Nichole and Craig said...

He is so cute. Looking so grown up now.

Mireille said...

This is too funny!! So which picture did you end up using?

Anonymous said...

OMG, I am cracking up here! The story is TOO funny by itself, but then as you scroll down you see that adorable little face and those pictures! Hysterical!!! Best blog post I have read in a while. My photog friends would love this!

Wyndee said...

Oh how adorable!!!!!! Second row, first pic-- perfect! :-)

rosemary said...

These are the cutest series of pictures! I love them all together in a grouping. You should print them out large just like this and frame them. OOOOH - What a cute decorating idea!

lucy said...

this COULD NOT BE CUTER. i cannot believe how funny T is! He is such a ham!!!! showing hubby tonight!

Chris and Terri said...

Great pictures! I love the "this way that way - close your mouth"! HA - when I took the boys to get theirs they wanted their normal picture smile and we were like no teeth, just look at the camera. They thought I was nuts! Now I wonder why school pictures look like mug shots. HMMM

Hannah said...

Robyn - if you need to you can always get the SSN for T as a permanent resident card. It'll generate his number - then once you have the "proof" of citizenship that SSN will accept (passport) they will change his status but the number remains the same. Don't you need the SSN to get the passport? It's all very circular and silly!