Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I thought the horror stories would end once T was home

Playing at the park with T, minding my own business, a woman watching 2 grandkids sidles up to me and starts yaking at me. With no provocation, she proceeds to tell me:
  • The marital status of each of her kids, how many offspring each had, the childcare arrangements for each, where they currently (and previously) reside(d), which ones still visit and which ones she sees only on holidays.
  • The flaws of each of her grandchildren (she could have skipped that - the little girl who kept pushing T away from the swings and standing with her arms out to forbid him to use them? was bossy - got it).
  • She wanted to go sky diving with her son but he went without her after she tried to reschedule because she wasn't feeling well.
  • She's a blackbelt in Tae Kwan Do.
  • Her friends adopted 3 kids and the 2 boys were just perfect - so athletic and smart - but the girl - oh the girl was a disaster and had XYZ problems and ABC problems and she NMOed and then she PQRed and the police came and DEFed and now she's totally estranged from the family.
Uh, OK. Nice meeting you. I will be finding another park to play at now...backing away slowly...



rosemary said...

Yuck! So sorry that happened. I had a woman tell me today (she doesn't know we are adopting) that "Well, it's real sad because we have all girls in our family so our family name is dying out. Well, my brother did have one son but he's adopted so it's not the same." I just don't know how to react to things like that.

Melissa May said...

Oh my... Amazing what people will say to perfect strangers! And what that lady said to Rosemary!!! I would have been absolutely fuming! Wow.

Hannah said...

It's always a treat to discover what kind of people are out there. You should call a friend and travel to the park in pairs. People are less likely to approach you if you are already with someone. :)

Mireille said...

Yeah, I get these uninvited stories, advice and horror stories too. Same as Rosemary, even after 7 years still have a hard time to deal or react to that. What do they want, that you start dishing out your side of the story. I don't get it, some people are weird!

Maci Miller said...

It's just crazy what people say and sadly, I don't think they even realize how they sound! I had a woman at the mall tell me she had an adopted son too and then in a hushed tone (with hand aside her mouth as if telling me her deepest, darkest secret) she tells me he is black. Then she smiled as if she was so great to adopt him. Disgusting. That poor kid. I was appalled! I wanted to say- I hope that he doesn't know you are ashamed of his color! But instead, I just said, how wonderful to have a child no matter where they are from or what color. Yea, not my brightest come back, but these things always catch me off guard. She also asked me if Ruby "came with a name". I wanted to tell her she's not a Cabbage Patch Doll, but instead I just mumbled "her name is Ruby" and scooped her up and got outta there asap. Stupid people. Nothing you can do about them.