Monday, August 24, 2009

Thai picnic

We had a great time Sunday at the Thai-American Association annual picnic in Milwaukee. What a wonderful group of people...and they know how to do a picnic (including a (tangmo) watermelon eating contest)!

As you might expect, the food was fantastic. Everyone brought something and the grills were working all afternoon. The weather was perfect.

We made some great new friends, some of which we hope to see in between Thai-Am gatherings. If you're interested, the next one is a Thai night coming up at the end of September in New Berlin.

Who do we have to thank for making such an awesome connection to Thai culture?
Meet Phen. Robin and I took an awesome cooking class with her, and she got us included in the group. (You see her and T get along just fine). They're very welcoming to adoptive families. We even recruited two other adoptive families come with us to Sunday's picnic.

Robin and I discussed on the way home how lucky we are to have found this group. Thai culture is hard to find in Southern Wisconsin, but when you find it, it's just as wonderful as what you find in Thailand.

Someone at the picnic was startled that we drove over an hour to be there.

We would have driven much further, if we had to.



rosemary said...

So happy for you guys and for T! What a wonderful group!

Maci Miller said...

That is so great that you found such a nice group! Thanu is just as cute as ever. Hope all is going well for you guys and your journey to no. 2!

We are picking up our no. 1 in 2 weeks!!! Can't believe the moment is finally here!

All the best,

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