Sunday, August 2, 2009

Open, domestic adoption

We got great value out of the classes we took ahead of T's adoption.  We learned a lot.

One of the things we learned a lot about is open, domestic adoption.

On This American Life this week, they focused on the complex human experience of (mis)judging others.  One of the people they talked to was a birth mother going through the process of choosing a family for her child.

As the producer of the piece says, the women was having to judge parents on very little information, while at the same time having to deal with a great volume of information from the families as a whole.

We're often told not to pre-judge people, but birth mothers in open, domestic adoption are often in a position where they have to judge on little information...the parents of her own child, no less.

It's an interesting segment.  You can listen to the full episode here.  The segment starts at the 28:50 mark and lasts six minutes.

Give it a listen.


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rosemary said...

Thanks for the link. Can't wait to give it a listen!