Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The final step

I'm sure many of you thought that there was nothing left to do for T's adoption. As of today, there isn't.

We traveled to Chicago today to visit the Thai consulate. We were needed there to finalize the adoption with the Thai government. We weren't sure what this meant, but we'd heard from others that it's very quick and very easy.

Consulate officials had requested scanned copies of our passports and a few other docs before we arrived, and amazingly, they didn't need a single document from us once we were there.  They looked us over in comparison to our passport photos, and then six signatures (3 from each of us) and a few photocopies later, we were free to go.  Although T practiced his "sawasdee krab" to infinity over the last few days and all the way to Chicago, once we were in the building he was predictably too shy to say it.

We felt lucky that we live close enough to make this a relatively easy day trip.  Some families have to travel across multiple states for this visit.

It was nice to visit the consulate and see all of the reminders of Thailand.  We can't wait to return.  For me, it also was a reminder of the culture T is now no longer a part of.  We're doing our best to bring Thai culture into his life, but there's no substitute for living there.

There was no sense in wasting the drive to Chicago, so we took a little extra time to eat a yummy Thai meal, find a quick geocache, and visit a nearby park where T terrorized the pigeons with another little boy.

We would like to return to Chicago to do more some day soon.  As simple as the consulate visit was, adding in T's nap schedule, there was little time to do much else before we hit the Big Crash.  Next time...more activities, and visits with friends (That means you, Hannah and co.!).

Now, on with number 2!


Jessica said...

Congratulations! How good it must feel. Hoping you're doing it all again soon.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations guys! We were the same, soaking in as much 'Thai' as is possible in a consulate. How wonderful that you are now all done...until #2 :)

Anonymous said...

ok sorry, my bad, 'anonymous' would be:
Hugs from, Sharon Mike, Nong Ex and Wee
(I cant remember my google sign in info)

Hannah said...

You bet next time we're getting together :) I'm so glad this stage is complete - now you can start all over :)