Monday, July 20, 2009

Growing quickly

I don't need to tell you what everyone already grow quickly. I've heard this from enough people in my life that my goal every day is to not take T's age for granted.

T's many advancements are tough to catalog, but I'll try. He's getting more articulate, he's an expert on his like-a-bike, he's pretty good around other kids, he still likes to steal and eat people's noses, he doesn't forget anything, he eats most food we serve him, he's graduated from a sippy cup (at the table, anyway), he can identify pics and music from Thailand, he knows he's from Thailand and now lives in Wisconsin, he picks up his toys when asked (most of the time), he loves books, he loves watching birds, he does role call everyday of all the people he knows, and I'm sure I could come up with a lot more if I spent the time thinking about it.

T's is a happy kid...and for that we are grateful.  He's also a 2-year-old, which means he's a 2-year-old.  If you ask him to not touch something, he will hold a finger 1 cm away from the forbidden object and stare at you waiting for a reaction.  Typical attempts to test who's in control, I suspect.


We talk to T everyday about Thailand, what it was like there...his story...and what it will be like to go back to meet a new little brother or sister.  I'm sure he's gotten a grasp on that last one yet.

People ask us about the second adoption, and there's not much to say.  We're waiting....and expect to wait a lot longer.  But we're ready if the call comes.  We love reading about and meeting other families preparing to travel.  It's so exciting.

We have a date to visit the Thai Consulate in Chicago.  We're excited about spending the day in the city.

So, how's your summer?



Chris and Terri said...

He's so cute!!! How many times have I commented the same thing I wonder. Well he is!

Ew - that whole don't touch that... and one cm glare thing is not going to end real soon but it does come with a verbal "Touch" and actually touching the item or usually sibling (in my case) and smirk later.

Jen and Jeff said...

What a nice post! Been following your blog since we started our process and it's so wonderful to see how T's grown and how you all are doing. Following your journey to #2 also and we wish you all the best!

Always love the pics, too. He is SUCH a cute pie!