Saturday, May 16, 2009

T is for Two

Warning - picture-heavy post for the grandparents ahead.

We celebrated T's birthday today. We can't quite believe our little guy is two. Since he was still living with his foster family on his first birthday, today was extra special for us. I keep pinching myself at how lucky I feel that we adopted our amazing T. I am sure his birth mom was thinking of him today. I hope she knows how much he's loved.

Last night as T was being extra difficult, we realized that, due to the time difference between us and Thailand, he had actually hit the terrible 2's 12 hours early.

After hearing stories of what his birthday would entail, he woke this morning and the first words out of his mouth were a request to eat cake for breakfast. No dice there, but we did let him wear his shades during lunch, which, for some reason, he thought was the best. thing. ever.

A delicious Thai lunch was followed by an elephant-shaped chocolate banana cake. Unfortunately, T's enthusiasm for chocolate cake was overshadowed by his apparent fear of candles and the Happy Birthday song. After cake (and a much needed nap) the real fun began. The mailman brought him a package of cookies from Grandma Cookie.

He played with his spoils, including a play kitchen that I think may actually allow us to cook meals uninterrupted, and the coolest. non-bike. ever. My dad designed and made it in the space of a week (or two?). T has already managed to use it unassisted, and I think we're going to have to drag him off of it kicking and screaming once he grows another half inch. I wish *I* was the one turning two. What fun!

T is now taking orders for dinner. Call to make reservations.-Robin


rosemary said...

Great Pictures! I especially love the one where he is crying over is candles. We have one where I am hitting my sister at a birthday party and I have always treasured it.

Anonymous said...

Time flies by!!! Happy birthday to Mr T!

Gem x

ps I notice on your other blog - the one with everyones blogs on it, that it seems to have freeze framed my blog it says it was last updated 9 months ago

Jessica said...

Happy, happy Birthday T.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday T!!!!

We LOVE your new bicycle!

The first birthday with our babies is always so special isn't it Robin, Made me tear up just reading your post.

T is an adorable two year old, terrible two's and all!!

Love, Sharon, Mike, Nong Ex and Wee~Wee.

Jen and Jeff said...

Happy Birthday Thanu! How sweet! How great to hold have him with you on his birthday for the first time!!! Love the Elephant cake and wow, can your dad really made a cool bike! Thanu is so precious. Love all the pics. Looks like a wonderful day.

Chris uit Bertem said...

Dag allemaal !
"De tijd vliegt snel, gebruik hem wel" is een té gebruiken spreekwoord ! Ik realiseerde me niet dat Thanu al zoo groot was. Hij ziet er fantastisch uit ! Wij zijn heel blij dat alles heel goed gaat met hem en hopen hetzelfde voor nummer 2.
Veel liefs,

Ellie said...

Happy Birthday! I just stumbled upon your blog for the first time! It's great to find you!

Mireille said...

Happy Birthday T, what a special bike you got!! WOW!