Saturday, April 11, 2009

Extraordinary days

It's been an interesting day....a day that takes me back over all that's happened over the last year.

I spent part of the day looking through the book we published with all of our blogs and your comments from our trip to Thailand.  It's on our bookshelf, but I don't look at it often.  The trip wasn't all that long ago, but then, it seems like T has always been with us.

The blogs took me back to some magical days in an magical country.

The experience of going back reminds me of something I learned about in college in a course I took about remembering tragedy (just follow me for a moment...)

When extraordinary things happen in your life, time changes.  It moves differently.  It doesn't have to be a can be something positive.  It just has to be something extraordinary.  I believe this change in the motion of time helps preserve your memories and emotions.  Reading that book today prompted a return of all of those vivid feelings and images.

I didn't realize it at the time, but those extraordinary days made time move differently for me.

Since then, I've been busy being a father.  A large part of life is now a routine...masking the extraordinary events that made it all possible.  How do you keep the extraordinary part of the everyday?  By definition, you can' can only do your best to much and as often as you can.

On a lighter note, there was another connection between today and the events of last year.  Shortly before we departed for Thailand, our friends and family threw a party marking T's first birthday.  Of course, he wasn't here to enjoy it, but there was cake in a freezer...until today.

It was remarkably tasty, considering how long it was in the freezer.

T liked it.

It's fun to remember extraordinary days...
...and there are more extraordinary days to come.

**Oops...I've been told that this blog would make it seem that T just celebrated a birthday.  Sorry for the's next month :)


Hannah said...

Happy Birthday, T! He's gotten so big! We should plan a meeting now that the weather is getting nicer. It's be great to see you guys.

rosemary said...

Great post! It's so true that the big events in our life do seem to cause a shift in the flow of time. Super cute Thanu pics!

Kam said...

Hi! I've visited your blog several times before but popped in again today and just saw this post about your blurb book. We are adopting a son from Thailand! He is two years old and is in BKK. We received his referral in Feb. and are anxiously awaiting travel! I just last week made a blurb book of our blog and it should ship any day now. I was just wondering if you liked the finished product? Can't wait to get ours!

Blessings on your next adoption! T is adorable!

Robin and Kyle said...

Indeed, we've been happy with the finished product on our blurb books. They're treasures.

Congrats on your referral and good luck on your trip! You'll have a blast. We can't wait to go back...I'm reading about Thailand everyday.