Friday, April 24, 2009

Co-sleeping no more

I think the person who is having the hardest time adjusting to T sleeping in his own bed is me. And that, I suppose, means that co-sleeping has served him well and he's ready to learn to sleep on his own.

I work 2nd shift. For the last week I've arrived home to find T dreaming away in his toddler bed, Kyle passed out in a sleeping bag on the floor beside him, and Punkin curled up at Kyle's feet. My whole little family, snuggled in a space with no room for me. So I kiss them lightly, trudge across the hall, and have an entire bed to myself. This should be a treat after 10 months of the 4 of us battling for real estate all night. Instead, it's just lonely.

I truly expected a
lot more resistance from T with this transition. He falls asleep with no fuss. Kyle has even left him alone the few times that he (Kyle) wakes up enough to move back to our room. T sometimes wakes to cry, but only once a night. Then one of us goes to lay next to his bed, and he settles back down fairly fast.
In the morning he cries for me, but is starting to learn to call "Down, Mama?" and be invited to pitter patter across the hall to join me for snuggles. Thank goodness I don't have to give those up yet! I know that parenting is one long, drawn-out letting go, but I didn't think it would start so soon! Where did our little baby go?



rosemary said...

We are planning on co-sleeping too so this post was really interesting to me! I can only imagine what a difficult transition this is. But I do think that hearing his little calling "Down, Mama?" is probably the cutest thing on earth!! Jeeze, can you tell I'm still waiting for a referral? ;-)

Robin and Kyle said...

Roses, It *is* so sweet to hear him calling in the morning, and I swear can hear the smile on his face in his little footsteps as he runs over to our room. But why, oh why, must he wake so early? =)

reflective pink said...

I'm guessing that since the day T was born, he was never really considered "little". ;) Only kidding, I know time flies. But he does look pretty happy in his own comfy bed. Hopefully we can see him before he is taller than all of us!

Kam said...

Thanks so much for the nice comment on our blog and for your adivce! I really appreciate you sharing your experience with the carrier and just can't wait to stuff our Joel into it! lol!

Happy Friday~

Jessica said...

Way to go, T! This is encouraging, not just for you all but for everyone planning on co-sleeping. Thanks!

Jen and Jeff said...

Oh, gosh, he is just so cute! I love how he pitter patters down the hall to snuggle with his Mama in the morning! Can't bottle that kind of feeling. Can't wait for it myself! We are also going to do the co-sleeping so I am glad to hear it worked out so well for you guys. Hope it's going well with #2!

Chris, Terri, Matt and Mark said...

I absolutely love the sound of little feet. The feet in my house seem to grow by the day but I still love the sound of the "horses" running down the hall, down the steps, across the family room and into our room every weekend! Ok - confession - sometimes they stop by the kitchen for breakfast first but I can still listen to their feet.