Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Adoption on talk radio

NPR's Talk of the Nation discussed international adoption today. Listen here.

An official from Holt International was one of the guests.

Some of the highlights:

--I was grateful one of the guests made a point of distinguishing between philanthropy and wanting to create a family.

--One important point made was adoptive families should look for countries that have an established and ethical program.

--There was also great emphasis on how international adoption means you become an interracial family, meaning families have to be willing (or, in many cases, excited) to adopt a culture. With that, there was discussion of how much loss these children go through. It's something that's not talked a lot about outside of adoption circles, so I'm glad to hear it aired.

--There was inevitable discussion about domestic v. international adoption.

--They talked about the benefits of open adoption (or, in the case of international adoption, reunification). Yay!

In many ways, this show validated much of what we believe about international adoption. I'm just glad to hear a responsible and in-depth discussion about international adoption in a national forum.



Jessica said...

I happened to be in the car when this was on and caught most of it. I didn't realize beforehand that someone from Holt would be speaking or I would have made it a point to be in the car! I agree, it was a well rounded discussion and assessment.

rosemary said...

Thanks for the heads up I'll have to check it out.