Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

An end of the waiting for the waiting to begin

The dossier is in the mail. For now, we're done with all the paperwork. The waiting officially begins today.

The feeling is just as refreshing as it was the first time.

T got Condi's "signature" on his State Department document. His sibling will have Hillary's. That might make for some interesting conversations in the future.

Of course, this process does not go perfectly smooth. There's always something. This time, the hang up came from an unexpected source - our courier service.

We hired the same courier we did last time for taking the dossier around D.C. to get certifications from the State Department and Thai Embassy. It was taking much longer than it did with T's dossier, so Kyle gave them a call last Friday to check on it. The courier stated that the documents were approved by the Thai embassy that day, but he could not send them back to us because we never sent him a Fed Ex shipping label.

Believe us, we know the shipping label was there. We have never been more careful preparing a shipment in our lives.

This small dispute escalated into a less-than-polite conversation between Robin and the courier in question. He was rude and arrogant and the least helpful customer service person we've ever dealt with. Here's a sample of the (long) horrid conversation on Friday afternoon:

Robin: If the return shipping label was missing, why didn't you call us 2 weeks ago when you got our package so there wouldn't be a delay once the documents were certified?
Curmudgeonly Dude Supreme - Behaving Terribly (CDS - BT * ): I guess I'm not very efficient.
Robin: But that's what we're paying you for.
CDS - BT: Not very much, you're not.
Robin: What's your email address? I'll email you a new label.
CDS - BT: I'm not giving you my email address. You do it my way or you don't get your documents.
Robin: But you just have to print out the label on a piece of paper and stick it in an envelope.
CDS - BT: Yeah, I don't want to deal with that. Mail me the shipping label AND envelope, or pay me $60 to send it back on our account.
Robin: But the FedEx shipping supplies are FREE. I can even arrange to have FedEx drop some off for you.
CDS - BT: No. I told you, I don't feel like dealing with that.
Robin: I want to talk to your supervisor.
CDS - BT: I don't have one.
Robin: What is your supervisor's name?
CDS - BT: I am my own supervisor.
-click- (HE HUNG UP!)
And yes, he really said those horrid things. And more, actually, but for Robin's sanity, she has blocked most of it out already.

Robin steadfastly refused to give in. Kyle was a coward and just wanted our dossier back. Kyle is glad Robin stuck to her guns because on Monday, cooler heads prevailed and CDS - BT's supervisor (what do you know?) was happy to take our FedEx account number to HAND WRITE a shipping label and overnight the dossier back to us. (Is it just us, or is that more work than printing a label from email?) It arrived this afternoon.

We looked at the approval dates on the dossier...the last document was approved Feb 23rd. The courier lied and said the docs weren't approved until February 27th (conveniently, the day we called to check on them). If we hadn't called, who know how long he'd have sat on them.

(insert impolite expletive here).

Water under the bridge? Kyle is better at letting this one go than Robin is. (An apology from CDS-BT's supervisor would have gone a long way, but his only response was "I think everyone was focused on the wrong thing." Hmmm...maybe one person was. We just wanted our documents back.) At least the dossier for T's little brother or sister is now off to Thailand, which is obviously what's really important. It will be a long wait, but we're excited. The way time passes with T in the house, I suspect we'll be in Thailand before we know it :)

-Kyle and Robin

* What? CDS - BT is also an acronym for Central Delivery Service - Bill Taggert? You don't say.