Saturday, February 7, 2009

Many thanks

Thanks so much for all the comments of support and understanding. I struggled with whether or not to write my last post, but I am glad I did.

We're grateful for everyone's support throughout the entire last year, actually. We recently made a book using the blog posts from our trip to Thailand, including all the wonderful comments you shared with us along the way. While putting the book together, I was moved by all the encouragement we received, and I remember well how much that support meant to us while we were on the emotional roller coaster that was last June.

We're making this blog public again, now that T will be officially here to stay (as of next Tuesday). When we began this blog, one of our purposes was to share our story with other adoptive families. We're happy to be public again, and this time around, we'll be smarter and leave out Critter #2's pictures and name.


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