Thursday, February 12, 2009

I remember being here before

I can't say that going through the adoption process could ever be called routine, but I have to admit, going through the hoops I went through today were much easier the second time around...or at least, less stressful.

Today I spent the morning running around: Getting some final papers we've been waiting on from our social worker, spending some time with a talkative gentleman at a local copy store, making copies of our dossier, getting the dossier certified by the Secretary of State for Wisconsin, going to a different copy store to copy the state certificate, and promptly FedExing the whole pile of papers to Washington D.C. There they will hopefully get the blessings needed to be sent to Thailand. By this time next week, the dossier may very well be in the mail.

Today's exercise was nearly identical to the one I did two years ago to get T's adoption dossier finalized. I was still daunted by the checklist Robin provided me...making sure it got done right...but having done it before, I had some more confidence.

It's funny how getting all the paperwork together always seem so daunting, but only in hindsight do you realize it really isn't all that bad.


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Meadow said...


I just stumbled across your blog, we are getting our dossier ready to send to thailand in the next few weeks. I too am running around trying to get all our paperwork ready. We adopted our darling daughter from China in Dec 06, and we really were unsure about a second adoption, especially as China is out for us this time (wait times 5-6 years!!!)

We really wanted our daughter to have a sibling, but struggled with changing country. We decided on Thailand as it seems to be so above board and because I travelled there extensively in the 90's and loved it.

Your little boy is adorable!!!!

We live in Ireland, and the wait for Thailand is up to 3 years they say..... Hopefully not. we don't use agencies here, so it is government to government.

Good luck with it all, and I will follow your blog as it is always nice to see how other people are doing, and after reading so many China adoption blogs over the years it is nice to come across a Thai adoption blog

I think if we are accepted to the Thai porgram we will be referred an older child 2-3 years. So I need to get my head around that, as our daughter was only 16 months at adoption.