Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Today's the day we've been waiting for. T's adoption was finalized. It was as easy a process as we expected. It started with a wait, because the court was running behind schedule. But as you can see, we kept ourselves entertained. Robin's family came for the occasion.
The judge asked us a few questions about how T has been since we arrived home and making sure we knew "what we were getting ourselves into". T made the case for us by desperately trying to explore the courtroom while the judge was asking us questions.
After signing a paper and writing a check for his new birth certificates, we were on our way.
We celebrated with a visit to a local Thai restaurant for lunch and sticky rice at home. T also had a few gifts to open.

I'm grateful we didn't hire an attorney for this process. This is possibly the most simple step of this entire adoption. We had been quoted a price of $1900 from one attorney for assisting us. Yikes.

For being THE moment that makes all of this official, it's amazing how anti-climatic it is.

You may have noticed the blog is now open for public viewing. We hope to keep it this way. Go ahead and subscribe with your favorite RSS reader.

With the adoption stuff subsiding somewhat, feel free to pop on over to Punkin's blog. She'll be covering our goings-on beyond adoption issues.



Emily said...

yipee!!! so, so thrilled for you guys.

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful guys!!! Congratulations!!! T sure is one handsome, happy little man!!!
Hugs to all from Sharon, Mike, Ex and Wee!!!!

Rachel said...

Congratulations!!! That is really exciting news. T is adorable!

TracyMcGal said...

Congratulations on finalizing! Wonderful news about adopting again. I'll be checking your blog again now that it's open!

Bob & Julie said...

Robin and Kyle,
We are so happy for all of you. Your mom sent us the pics and info about T's "official" status. Not that he needs to be official for any of us, just greatly loved and that he is. And glad to hear that you're working on #2. Let me know if there's anything you need from me.
Bob Ullman
Robin, it was great to see you, if ever so briefly, on Martha.

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

So happy to hear all of your good news! And how exciting that you're adopting again! Hang in there with the wait. At least you have one critter to help you stay busy to make the time pass by a little faster. It sounds like you're going for another younger critter. It must be nice to feel young enough to handle those little bundles of energy!