Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mr. T the flirt

We met friends for dinner at our local Thai restaurant tonight. We were happy to see our favorite waitress who we haven't seen in about 10 months.

At our referral-celebration dinner, she taught us how to pronounce T's name correctly. At that time, she was so excited to hear about his adoption and asked a lot of questions. She said a lot of families bring in kids adopted from Asia, but never from Thailand. On subsequent visits, she always recognized us and asked if we had heard when we'd be traveling to Thailand to meet him. Once we were back home with T, we didn't see her again until tonight.

She recognized us even though it's been many (MANY!) months and was just gushing over T the entire time. She wanted to touch him and hold him. He wanted NOTHING to do with this initially. He wouldn't even look at her and was shooting me "Help me, Mama!" looks while trying to climb out of his booster chair into my lap. She spoke in Thai to him and was trying to teach him simple words (including, sadly, the word for water, which he once knew but has already been replaced with English). She brought out some baby spring rolls for him to eat.

By the end of the meal, however, he was flashing her his grin across the room. She asked again to hold him and he raised his arms to her. Before we could blink, she was on her way into the kitchen with him to introduce him to the cook! We thought we'd hear screaming or see his little head turning frantically to see us. Oh no. He adored the attention. After making his way back to us, he asked to go to the kitchen again. This time she coaxed him to walk next to her. By the time we left, he was giving her hugs and kisses. Sigh. We are going to have our hands SO FULL when he's a teenager! On the very positive side, we may have made a friend (and found a babysitter!).


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