Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter adventures

After all the snow we've had, the family finally took the time to head out to a nearby sledding hill. Knowing T's pension for daring, I figured the trip would be a success.  It was.

It's an easy life being a 19-month-old get all the fun without any of the work.

We also went out to a local light display at a public garden.  They have lights all over, which are quite beautiful in the newly-fallen snow.  In fact, it was snowing while we were there.  There is also an indoor area where they have music and a huge model train display with trains running everywhere.

While he liked the lights and the train, what T came away with was "ducks".  There is a pond in the gardens and a ton of ducks there.  He enjoyed watching them swim and walk around on the ice.  "Ducks" are all he talked about.

Robin and I had fun too.  We reminded ourselves of all the times last Christmas we mentioned and thought about what it'd like to have him with us this year.  We can't believe he's actually with us.

It reminds us of how lucky we are.



Glen and Andrea said...

I know we are all so lucky to those precious kids.

Hirally said...

Thanu is just adorable!!! I just came back to reading all of our "AP Friends" blog - reason for not commenting earlier on how handsom he looked on the outfit he wore for the wedding, and fully understanding not wanting to pay for kids haircut. I got a clippers set for trimming D's hair and do take him to a salon here and there - depends on his cooperation mood - he is better now with me doing it! But what I would suggest is take Thanu in for his next one and watch closely what they do -especially if they use clippers -ask what size are they using and all of those "this is my first child I need to know what you are doing to his hair" questions mom's ask - then you can try to replicate at home! Also a movie playing in front of him might help with the squirming (it does with Diego) but Thanu might be to young.

I love the Grandma=cookies statement! Love it!

Karen Healy said...

You're a good family - I'm so glad you're all together. :)

The sledding looked like a lot of fun!