Sunday, November 30, 2008

Selective memory

I suppose this is meant as a bit of a survey of our audience.

We had an awful flight home. You can go back and read about it if you like.

But Robin and I still find ourselves constantly talking about going back to Thailand.

I looked up the airfares last week, and was pleased at how favorable the rates are.

Let's ignore the current turmoil in Thailand and the fact that T doesn't have a U.S. passport...

...why are we so excited about going back? The flights were difficult...even without a child. With a child, I can't even recall the flight because I know it was awful.

So, we're thinking that there is some natural mechanism that shields our memory from the trauma of the flight.

Perhaps the same thing mothers experience to keep them having children...even after the experience of child birth? A sort of natural amnesia?

Can anyone else testify?

We WILL go's only a matter of time. We LOVE Thailand and no flight, no matter how awful, will keep us away.

While I'm typing, I might as well tell you that the family had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Robin's family. T did great sleeping in a new place. Over the three nights it got progressively better.

He was a charmer all weekend with various family and friends. We're feeling good about his progress. He clearly loves to work a room, but always knows where mama and daddy are.

He and I have this fun game where he yells "DAD!" and I yell "T!"...back and forth. I'm sure it's quite a nuisance for anyone who happens to be around, but it's fun.

He's picking up more words...or, at least the beginnings of words. Sometimes Robin and I have to consult on what he might be saying.

At his doctor visit last week we found he is almost 30 pounds already! Perhaps it's because he asks for "cheese" at nearly every meal. He also knows the word for "pie" now.

T is starting to understand enough commands that he can choose to ignore them. Recently he started picking up his books and putting them on the table when we asked him to. Now he's already pretending like he can't hear or understand us :)

T is tweeting again. You can keep track on the side of the blog. He's tried this in the past only to have it fizzle we'll see how long it lasts.

All of us are sending our thoughts to those in Thailand or traveling soon. We hope for a quick resolution to the situation there.

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving.



Glen and Andrea said...

we can't wait to go back either. We definately want to adopt again from Thailand but we also want to visit there as soon as possible and as often as we can realistically do it.

Chris, Terri, Matt and Mark said...

My take on it is some things are worth the pain... Thailand obviously is worth the possibility of a terrible flight. But you made it through it once so you'll make a few adjustments (more diaps, more clothes, Benedryl at takeoff.) Just kidding.

My anesthesia wore off during my first C-Section - now that was not fun... But I did go through it again. I just made a few adjustments - new doctor, asked for the max drugs (another C-section) and considered telling them I weighed 20#s more than I actually did but I was a bit scared I would die so I didn't. 2nd C was a breeze!

You'll go back and it will be fine.

Jen and Jeff said...

Thailand is one of those magical places that just pulls you back. Every time I left there I told Jeff I was so happy to be home with him, but had this sort of tug at my heart. As if I was home sick for a place I had only spent a few months. Both of us hope to visit every couple years if time and money allow. Yea, it's a long flight but with some ear plugs, a good travel pillow, and a lot of will you can go anywhere! And Thailand is SO worth the journey! We love hearing about Thanu and how well you are all doing! He's so darn cute!!
Peace & Love, Jen & Jeff

rosemary said...

Every time I get to Thailand I think, "It's so good to finally be home again." Every time I get back to America I think, "It's so good to finally be home again." Every time I get on the plane though I think, "Why me?"

Jay and Chandra Regan said...

I remember your story. It was one that made me think, "Oh, I'm so glad we chose to adopt an older child." : ) I admire you for what you went through. And you survived and have become awesome parents! We got good news that we CAN travel because the airports are reopening. So, soon I'll be back in Thailand. First trip overseas for my hubby. I bet he'll never be the same. Well, of course, he won't. He'll come home a dad!

Anonymous said...

Lovely to have a read and catch up on all your news, I love the snow pics of Thanu - makes me miss havign a White Christmas.
Gem x

Katie said...

YES, I think there must be some sort of natural amnesia, like for childbirth, that allows a desire to return to make that trip to Thailand again and again! We have been to Thailand three times -- in 2003 to adopt our son, in 2004 for a visit when we didn't have to run around to the Embassy and DSDW doing paperwork the whole time, and in 2007 to adopt our daughter.

Every time we get to the end of our trip, Dave says, "I want to come back as soon as we can". I am so stressed out by then from being homesick and from the physical challenges of being in and getting around Thailand that I can't possibly even think I'll ever want to do it again. He tells me, "maybe we can come back in a year" but that is still too much for me to imagine. But somehow that longing for Thailand returns insidiously.

After an especially difficult flight home in 2004, I said, "I can never put my body through this again, ever." But a year later, when we started thinking seriously about adopting again, I would have jumped on a plane to Thailand in a heartbeat!

A year ago today we were in Thailand, meeting our new daughter! And before we even left Thailand, Dave was already thinking about when we could return. But I didn't have it in me to entertain the thought of another trip back there. Then, nine months later, in September, when Dave's brother Bill and his family left for Thailand to adopt their son, we so wished we could have been going with them! Dave and I and our kids all felt a little sick at the thought that we couldn't join them on this trip.

So now we are trying to save up money for our next visit to Thailand. I know we won't make it for the DSDW homeland tour in July 2009. But we heard that the princess will be inviting adoptive families to visit Thailand in 2010, so we are hoping that our family and Bill's family can all go together at that time! It seems so far away. But we can hardly wait already!