Thursday, October 30, 2008

More words

T is picking up words quickly, and understands TONS more. You'll see this in the video. One of the quirky things I stumbled across this week is that he says "Thai". Of course, he has no idea what this means, he's just mimicking me, but it's still cute.

He and I went to the park today with Punkin. It was a blast. T did a lot of running around and actually walked back to the house most of the way (instead of riding in the Ergo). We encountered a train on the way, which was terrifying up close, but he got the engineer to wave. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. I LOVE FALL!

T recently started nodding. It's amusing because it's clearly a lot of work for him to concentrate enough to do it.

As I write, he blowing on his supper, because it's hot.

His laugh is amazing.

We're grateful we taught him a few signs. None of us know sign all, but I can't imagine being able to communicate without it. I would really recommend it for any parent. You don't need to learn a lot. Some examples of what we use: more, ouch, food, all done, fish, diaper. Some of these aren't official "signs", just stuff we made up. It doesn't matter...he picks it up so quickly...much faster than he can verbalize.

He still hasn't gotten a haircut, but the longer hair is growing on us. (ha ha, no pun intended) He'll get a trim from Grandma this weekend.

I'm constantly amazed by how fast he's growing and learning. I'm trying to strike a balance between being excited about him growing up, and not wanting to forget a second of his youth.

One more thing...NPR had a story this week that does a good job of explaining the political situation in Thailand. It's a great overview, if you're interested.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Busy fall weekend

It started with T's first bed time in footy pajamas...winter is coming!
Then we went to the zoo on Saturday with some of Robin's friends from work and some of Brienne's (Clint's fiance) family. T got out of the Ergo to do some exploring on his own.
They returned home, where T took an interest in Kyle's dish washing.
Finally, we found out T is turning into a great picker-upper. Anything that gets left on the floor now finds itself in his toy cabinets.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Rite of Fall

Winter doesn't come to Wisconsin until everyone has visited a pumpkin patch and gone on a hay ride. If it begins snowing in the next week, you have us to blame.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Magical moments

Between the routines of life, there are occasionally moments when you're reminded of how special life is, and how lucky we are to be parents.

I don't want to talk about the specifics...both because I don't think I could articulate the moment and because it's something private...but last night, I had some special moments with T. I was his daddy, he was my son, and we were happy.

Robin and T were at the office for a little bit this week, and someone there met him for the first time. His remark was that we were pretty lucky. We couldn't agree more.

I've known it as a husband, and now I know it as a is real.