Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Three quick thoughts

  1. I came home from work tonight to an extra-happy T who was freshly bathed, smelling sweet, and curled up in bed reading books with his Daddy. I can't think of anything in the whole world better than cuddling and giggling with my 2 boys. My heart almost burst.
  2. I started working on a Lifebook for T, spurred by a coupon I got for a free photo book if I submit it by mid September. The wording is proving to be a challenge for me, but I'm trying not to stress about it too much, as I plan to revise and make new versions often as he gets older and his level of understanding increases. My goal now is to just get something on paper. Looking at pictures of his birth mom again today had me teary-eyed. What an amazing treasure we've been trusted with. It' all a bit overwhelming when I think of her.
  3. Someone saw T from a distance and made a bee-line for us at the farmer's market last weekend. I braced myself for the usual, "Where's he from?" and general adoption questions, but was delighted that she wanted only to gush about how cute he is and simply asked his age before moving on with a smile and a wave. How refreshing! I usually don't mind the questions we get in public, and often even enjoy the resulting conversations, but on ocassion, it's nice to just feel "normal". I have a feeling all the comments will get old for T once he's old enough to understand, and he'll want to feel "normal", too. Oh well, that bridge is for another day.

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