Saturday, August 30, 2008

A piece of Thailand falls away

Robin and I knew T's little cloth bracelets on his wrists would fall off eventually, but now that it's happened, it's kind of sad.

T got the bracelets while visiting monks with his foster family the day before we took custody. They were meant as protection for him. He had one on each wrist. He still wears one, but one of them fell off sometime during supper last night.

I'm grateful I noticed. Our worst fear was that they would fall off when we weren't paying attention and we'd lose them. Of course, we could still lose the other one.

We will do our best to remind T of his life-long connection to Thailand, but in so many ways, there's only so much we can do.



Stacey said...

You guys must have passed the test as his protectors now.

Anonymous said...

only just saw this post, but thought I would share, for our wedding we had 9 white strings from the elders and 1 yellow from the ceremony with the Monk. When ours fell off we fixed them in place as a shape of a circle and put them in a glass picture frame, the one with the background set back a little, and surrounded by thai artwork. Hard to explain but it looks good, and now on hte wall as memory for ever.