Sunday, August 17, 2008


I woke up earlier this week to the news that an office building in Madison was on fire. This normally would not concern me, but the address raised a red flag, and I shortly realized it was our social worker's office, Lutheran Social Services.

Over $2 million in damage. Firefighters were on scene for hours.

Robin and I counted ourselves lucky that we weren't in the stages before traveling, when some important documents may have been in that building. Any of our lost files can easily be replaced.

Our heart went out to anyone who does have important documents there. The news stories profiled a few families who were affected MUCH worse by the loss of files.

Before the end of the week, we heard from our social worker because we're scheduled to meet her next week. She said our papers MIGHT have made it. Apparently the head of the agency went into the building with the firefighters while the fire was still going to get what files she could. Our social worker thinks our files might be among them, but they're being freeze-dried and she won't know for awhile.

Of course, we're happy to do whatever needs to be done to help.


Nichole said...

oh my gosh. That would be awful.
I hope everything works out for all the families whose files were destroyed.

Jay and Chandra Regan said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the Lutheran Social Services office. What a heroic effort on the part of that head of the agency. Thankful no lives were lost.