Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Anti-racism resources

I just wanted to share a few links with really good information to help fight racism, and help kids when they encounter it:
  • Anti-Racist Parent is a great blog I've been reading, "for parents committed to raising children with an anti-racist outlook".
  • has a lot of good articles for parents and a page for kids with stories and games.
  •'s Speak Up web pages offer concrete suggestions for how to respond to subtle and overt bigotry we may encounter from friends, neighbors, co-workers, or strangers.
  • Finally, this post from an adult Korean adoptee does an excellent job explaining why "love is not enough" and why just being "colorblind" does not help internationally adopted kids deal with the racism they will face.
I sometimes feel daunted in the task ahead of us, before we even begin. It's hard to imagine effectively preparing our kiddo to deal with racism that we've never had to experience. But we will do our best. Meanwhile, we'll be teaching him to talk and use a spoon.



Glen and Andrea said...

Thanks heaps for these links - we need all the help we can get. I too feel daunted by our task as parents to prepare for the racism our kids will face. Unfortunately I can't protect my son from the world; so sharing resources/tools with other parents is invaluable.

Hirally said...

Thank you for the research - we just started taking a series of 3 class courses though by an Adult Adoptee from Colombia regarding Transracial Parenting and our first class talked about how white AP have some apprehension to racism in their lives and identifying due to White Priviledge and also helped us explore our own thoughts and the discussion was awesome she even gave us some questions which we had to agree or disagree with regarding different situations in a child's life regarding discrimination and their own feelings - it was great so the post from the Adult Adoptee you link to has a lot of what our teacher was trying to drive to. WOW this is long... :D

Try the baby forks to teach him to poke the soft food he can is fun to see them be so proud!

Gem said...

We have a number of asian friends we will be looking to for advice, I think that will probably be our best tool for teaching our future child ways of handling it and responding. Although James does like the teaching them kick boxing school of handling racism, but then thats not PC in this day and age methinks :)

Rosemary said...

Oh my - I am so addicted to blogs, especially on these topics. I love: (about asian american fatherhood and similar topics) and (an adoptee and adoptive mothers blog) and (an adoptive mom's blogroll of all things adoption - great resource).
Thanks for your suggestions! I really liked tolerange.