Monday, July 21, 2008

T's Utterz

You'll notice a new feature on the blog. On the right you'll find "T's Utterz". This is a feed from T's Utterz page.

What is this and why are we using it? First question first:

-Utterz is kind of like Twitter, only with audio, video, and text. It's meant to allow for very quick and short updates. So, it's kind of like a blog to blog about blog stuff between blogs. Make sense?

So, then, why? A couple reasons:

-T is starting to talk, and we want you to listen.
-T loves to play with the phone, so this is a great excuse to give him some practice.
-I find myself finding things I want to blog about, but not having the time. Now I can blog on the phone while I'm carrying T.
-There are a million little things it's impossible to blog about, but this gives us one more opportunity to record what's going on for our own sake, and for yours.
-I need to learn more about these new communication methods people are using these days.

You can also find this feed on Punkin's blog, if you're getting sick of logging on to Critter Quest everyday.

Don't worry. We'll keep blogging...but I hope this will open up some new opportunities.


Glen and Andrea said...

Hugo is siting on my knee as we look at your blog. When he heard Kyle say to Thanu 'say bye bye' Hugo said Byyeee. He thought K was meaning him =)

Hope your new work routine is working out OK.

Love Andrea.

JiLL said...

the utterz thing is soo cute! Thanu is adorable. Its so funny how he won't talk when you want him to. It does show what a proud Pappa you are!

Jay and Chandra Regan said...

What a great idea! I don't think it's dorky at all. It's cute how he won't talk on cue. Pretty smart kid! What kind of curry was that? In Japan we ate a lot of curry. But, it's totally different than Thai curry. Much milder and a little more like Indian curry.

Robin and Kyle said...

Last night I made panang curry. Tasty, but spicy. Two nights ago I made massaman curry...I actually like that more. It's milder and has potatoes.