Friday, July 4, 2008

Public Service Announcement

A warning to adoptive parents who visit the excellent website a4everfamily for attachment resources:

The following game, as listed on the site's "Attachment Activities", must be played with extreme caution if your child already has teeth, or the experience may be traumatizing for all participants.

Cracker/Cereal Kisses

For older babies: Place a Cheerio™between your lips and allow the baby to eat it directly from your mouth.

Ow! (from experience)



Hirally said...

Too funny... the trick is to keep most of the cheerio out of your mouth as possible while still having him make contact with his lips. But it is a great game to do with them and sweet!

Melissa May said...

I will remember this warning!!!!! And I need to check out that website (with the warning in mind!)