Sunday, July 6, 2008

The end

Today we played at the park to enjoy our last day of freedom together. T enjoys to climb up the slides even more than he loves going down them. He walks/wobbles a little more each day, although he still prefers to cling to furniture along the way and sometimes decides crawling is just easier.

We also took a long hike (T in the Ergo carrier) during which T got his morning nap and Kyle and I had a chance to talk. It was a pretty trail that runs past the playground, so we're thinking of making that a weekly excursion. Hiking with an extra 24 pounds is a lot of work, but I tell myself this lets me off the hook from further exercise, and earns me ice cream besides.This afternoon we'll play in the yard, and's back to work. Kyle will work full time and I'll work half-time, going in to work after Kyle is home for the day. That way one of us will always be home with T. We have this schedule through the end of October, and then we'll switch and Kyle will work part-time and I'll work full time until sometime in early 2009. I'm a little worried about when both of us go full-time, because that'll mean late nights for me, but it's a long ways off so I'm choosing to ignore that fact.



Rosemary said...

Going back to work must be a hard thing to face! You'll be in our thoughts. Best of luck!

Jay and Chandra Regan said...

It looks like you just great at parenting. I bet it'll be a little hard (but less painful, physically) to go back to work. Praying that Thanu will adjust well to the changes.

Hirally said...

Hope it all goes well tomorrow - going back is hard, especially with your first one - at least one of you will be with him, it sounds like a great plan. And I got to say Thanu has quite the cutest fat rolls on his leg as shown on his walking picture!!

Melissa May said...

I'm glad for you all that you got to have such a sweet honeymoon together. : ) I hope you all adjust to your new schedule and routine without too much agony... At least you have a great start to go off.