Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ah, the weekend

Weekends are going to be a lot easier than the work week. We managed to survive juggling both work and T, but it's difficult, especially since T had some pretty rough days. On the attachment front, I feel like we went backwards a bit at the beginning of the week. He was probably a bit stressed about only one of us being around at a time. I can't say I blame him - so was I. We've been playing lots of attachment games and T wanted nothing to do with them, or us. It's frustrating, but I know we'll get through the tough days one hour at a time.

Friday my sister stopped over to visit and we stopped at Kyle's work on the way to the library. His co-workers got to meet T, and I am happy that T was shy and tried to burrow into my chest. It's good that he feels safest with us. All the new people were a bit overwhelming to him, even being in the carrier, and the visit ended in tears and hiding in a back hallway.

Everyone's feeling a little better now, and T might have even given me a couple of hugs this week (a first). (Either that, or he's trying to kill me with a death grip, since the hitting and biting have failed.)

Saturday was lovely and T got to meet his betrothed. She came home from Thailand a week or two after him, and is precious. They exchanged wood chips at the playground to cement their relationship.

Today we hiked the local trail system again. The loops we tried were WET and BUGGY and totally unmarked. We had a very rough map, and there were many extra minor trails that were not on the map, so it was near impossible to follow and we had been hiking for a good 40 minutes before we reached a point where we could say, "Ah, so THIS is where we are." Once I felt confident we'd be able to find the car again, I enjoyed the hike much more, and stopped along the way to sample the blackberries. T was a good sport, and even got in a short nap. The highlight for him was watching the snapping turtle we came across. But oops, we left the camera in the car, so use your imagination. It wasn't huge - maybe 12" long.

I'm trying to psych myself up for work this week and I fear I'm failing. I guess it'll arrive if I'm ready or not.

Oh yeah, and tomorrow, T will have officially been home with us for an entire month. How the heck did THAT happen so fast?



Melissa May said...

Congratulations on Thanu's engagement! Oh... I mean on surviving your first week back at work! : )If only it never had to happen... Hang in there!

coole chris said...

De eerste week terug naar het werk is inderdaad zeer moeilijk, zowel voor jullie als voor Thanu. Ik herinner me nog altijd het misselijk gevoel dat ik had als ik Inge of Elke in het begin als baby moest achterlaten bij een onthaalmoeder om te gaan werken.
Maar het went hoor !
Dikke zoenen uit Bertem,
Chris en Leo

Jay and Chandra Regan said... we get to learn more about Thanu's fiance? Don't worry about the biting and the hitting. We preschool teachers get that quite often, too. And sometimes the same child can later be hugging and telling you how much they love you. I guess the testing is normal, perhaps just a bit more noticeable in a child that is trying to attach to new parents. Hang-in-there! We're thinking of you and praying for you. It can't be easy going back to work.