Thursday, June 19, 2008

T at home

It's been a busy couple of days adjusting to life at home with T, but Robin and I both feel it's going well. And I think T would agree. He's even helping me around the kitchen.

Our social worker paid a visit on Tuesday and we had a nice visit. She validated much of what we thought about the situation. T is attaching well. His separation anxiety isn't what we thought it would be. He sits in the back seat of the car by himself without any problems, and I even left the house for a few hours without complaints.

Feeding time is hit or miss. Last night he ate wonderfully. The chicken soup was a hit. But some of the meals don't go so well. He will eat a full spoonfuls of something, and then treat it like it's some vile poison (even though he was just eating it). It's a little frustrating for us, but since he'll eat several things, and he's still on formula, we don't sweat it.

This week's doctor visit also went well. We're pretty much over the jet lag, but T still likes to get up a couple of times a night, only to turn over and go straight back to sleep.

We've done a lot around the house, but also, the weather has been spectacular, so we've been going on walks. His favorite stop is the nearby park where he can go on the swings and ride the dinosaur with mom or dad.

Cloth diapers are going well. We've sprung a few leaks, but are improving our technique. Our mothers assure us they will never stop leaks 100% of the time, but they also gave us double diapering at night. So far, we're very happy we went that route.

We picked up our new car today...a Honda Fit. It's a cute little car, and we're so glad we got it. It will give us great fuel economy, and a little more space than the Civic. Between the Fit and Civic, we won't be spending all that much at the gas station. I'll be installing the car seat today so T can go for a spin.

As time progresses, you may find that more and more of our stories will be appearing on Punkin's blog. Her blog is really meant to follow our life as a household. The adoption blog is about...well, adoption. So, we will continue to post here with adoption-related stories and issues (this is NOT a goodbye), but if you want to keep up with our family, you may also want to add Punkin's blog to your RSS reader.

Here's hoping there's a lot more to write about on the adoption blog in the future :)



coole chris said...

We are so glad for you that everything goes so well. Enjoy your time at home with him ! Jullie zullen de tijd nodig hebben om mekaar beter te leren kennen. Maar dat is alleen maar héél leuk !
Kisses from Belgium to all of you !

Nicki said...


Congratulations on bringing your son home! He is beautiful! I hope that things continue to go well and we look forward to visiting when you guys are ready to have us.

Love & Hugs,
Nicki, Ben, Morgan & Dominic Moline

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and I am so glad he has adjusted and attached so well to you guys in such a short time -it is a true blessing!!!!