Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Robin and T are taking a nap right I thought I'd take this break in the action to blog. Apologies to all of our readers. As many of you know, parenthood is a lot of work, so you can image the learning curve we've been thrown in the last 24 hours.

All is still pretty good.

We got custody of T Tuesday at 11:00, and we had the rest of the day to ourselves. Here you can see him saying goodbye to his social worker.

The rest of the day is a bit of a blur...we spent it trying to keep T happy, fed, rested, and in a routine close to what he was used to. We got some good notes from the foster family, but keeping a routine in a hotel room is tough.

We packed up his stuff and decided the best strategy for getting through the first day away from home was to tucker him out. So, we spent some time at the shopping center.

T does great in these conditions...he's attracted to all the people and the things to see. He tends to get a little crabby when he's in one place for too long (another reason to get out of the hotel room...on our terms). He also did excellent on the sky train and the metro. He took a short nap in the ergo (did I mention that thing is awesome?!)

Naturally, T attracted a lot of attention, with some people coming up to him to make faces and give him a little pinch. We were pleased to see that in most cases, he would turn away and bury his face in our chest. Good means he knows we're the ones he can turn to.

As I mentioned, we attracted a lot of attention. We got plenty of stares, but few of them negative (most of them confused). One woman on the metro even struck up a conversation with us to learn more about the adoption. She thought it was great.

We took the metro to see fellow Wisconsinites Jim and Courtney at the train station. They were waiting for the train to Chiang Mai to meet their daughter, and it was our only chance to chat with them. We were there during one of the twice daily playing of the national anthem...very interesting...everything just stops and everyone stands up. T seemed to know what was going on and pointed right at a huge picture of the King.

We headed back to the hotel, but were far too exhausted to deal with taking T to a restaurant, so we went to the store and got some food for the room. This included hot dogs for T. After explaining to his foster family about how we love to cook Thai food, they told us his favorite food is hot dogs...great.

We were quite concerned about his first night in the hotel, but our strategy paid off...he was beat. He fell asleep with a bottle (which is also how we got him to take the nap he's taking right now). He slept all night. I woke up every hour or so, astounded that he was still sleeping...especially since we heard he asked for a bottle every night at midnight. That didn't happen for us.

We got up quite early because we had to be ready by 8:30 to go to the board meeting where we meet with the Thai officials. T ate a little breakfast...not much...we had to resort to some of the leftover hot dogs.

We were also concerned about his first bath. We had heard he didn't like these. For us, he LOVED it. I got in the tub and without prompting, he wanted in too. He was attracted by the splashing water and a bath toy Robin was smart in bringing along. He looked and smelled great afterwards. There was a lot o f fun splashing and T didn't want it to end.

We were picked up to be taken to the board meeting. Mo was waiting for us, but there wasn't much to brief us on. It's a pretty simple process. You go into a room where a board asks you questions. You answer them...all done.

That's pretty much how it went. The board was far from scary. It was five smiley women who asked us about how we came to adoption and about T's life when we get home. A few questions and signatures, and we were out of there. We were grateful to be 2nd on the list of families for today...there were 16 on the list. We were home before lunch.

Here we are with Mo after the meeting.Tomorrow is embassy day. Let's hope all goes well so we don't have to extend our stay.

T appears to be doing well. He's still a very happy and bubbly boy. He thinks it's especially funny to witness us in pain. (Is this a bad sign? =) ) He loves to pinch our faces and we had to learn to stop reacting, because he LOVES it. We're learning to react to things we WANT him to do instead. He's a total ham and does lots for a laugh. We think he'll be the class clown.

He hates having his diaper changed and it takes 2 of us to hold him down and do it, probably because diapers were only introduced to him just recently. He eats a LOT. It seems like the only time he cries is when he has a need to be fulfilled. It's hard to read his mind, but it doesn't seem like he's mourned the loss of his foster family. Perhaps this is still coming.

Also, T is an Ewok baby. He likes to babble under his breath...and it sounds exactly like an Ewok. It's not everything he says, it's just an occasional sound he makes.

T will be a handful at home. The hotel is tough to baby-proof...lots of low surfaces. We've taken to putting everything dangerous in the bathroom and closing the door. The drawers are a problem. He likes to pull on them and put everything in them on the floor. he can't walk, but he can "furniture walk". He pushes every button he can find, and can crawl FAST across a room.

"I'm going to dismantle this DVD player!"
Assuming all goes well at the embassy, don't be surprised if the blogging is a little sparse from here on out. We'll be busy packing once we know we're going. Hopefully we'll have some indication of what's in store by noon on Thursday.

We knew taking care of T would be a full time job, so we're still working out how to fit the parts of our former lives into our new life (knowing full well they won't all fit). Right now, T bursts into tears if we aren't both in the room with him at all times. We take group bathroom trips and we're happy we'll have 3 weeks at home before anyone has to head back to work.



. said...

Thanu is absolutely adorable. Don't worry about the blogging- im sure everyone will understand, there will be plenty of time to catch up w/ that.
Hey, just out our curiosity are you going to change his name? (I love Thanu, but many people change their child's name....just wondering)

Courtney said...

Unbelievable picture mischief making. Great news on the board meeting. Good luck tomorrow getting the visa. It was great to see you one last time before we head into the great unknown. We know that things might get harder before they get easier. Enjoy the final few days.


Back to the train, I like to think they were just crickets.

Hannah said...

Great stories - it's nice to those smiles! Balancing the old with the new will take time but you have to take time for yourselves also.
I'm glad things are going well!

Farrah and Jed said...

WOW your trip is almost over...WOOHOO for you guys!!!

I'm so happy for you that things are going so great...And you will be hme before you know it!!


Anonymous said...

Thanu is simply so HANDSOME...maybe we should arrange him and K to meet in the future and marry them??? Just Kidding!!! Glad to hear things are going well and that he likes both of you. Don't stress about adjusting your old life with new one because like hanna said it will come in time - even for experience parents adding a new one and adjusting too it's time. The mourning will happen but don't stress about when it will happen - just in enjoy it!!!!


Danielle said...

Hello and Congratulations!

1. Thanu is a great looking kid. Handsome....

2. The mourning period might not happen (and that's okay too). Our son, who is now 3, has not had any kind of mourning meltdown. (Maybe he's saving it for the teen years;).

3. Get ready....once Thanu can walk, it's off to the races!

4. What an exciting (and overwhelming) time. You both seem to be doing a great job.

5. Of course your blog is going to slow down -- you've got a child to raise!

Congratulations, again!


Melissa May said...

I'm so excited (and encouraged when I think about our trip!) that things are going so well for you and Jared & Sarah! Hilarious about the hot dogs!

Keep enjoying your little Ewok!

Chris, Terri, Matt and Mark said...

You guys are just great! I love seeing your smiling faces. How cool to have 3 more weeks with him before work starts back. Hotdogs... can you cut those up and mix it in with the Pad Thai? UGH - Enjoy your last days in Thailand and best of luck for the flights home.


Jay and Chandra Regan said...

What an adorable smile he has! Sounds like he's quite the ham! Hope he expands his diet beyond just hot dogs. Ha! Don't worry if Thanu doesn't mourn his losses right now. We'll just the mourn the loss of your many blogs. No, just kidding! Of course, everyone will understand.