Friday, June 20, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Bears

This morning we visited the local park and T entertained us with his antics. Video for the grandparents (or anyone else who is bored) is included.

Then we took T to the zoo and Auntie M. met us there. He seemed very serious through most of the trip, but did get into pointing at some of the animals - the giraffes, especially.

Kyle had The Worst Diaper Experience Ever in the zoo restroom, which I could only hear from outside and cringe at, wishing I could rush in and assist.

The carousel was a nice cap to the outing - T enthusiastically waved hello and goodbye to all the spectators on every pass. He thought everyone was there to see him in particular and loved every second.

And T got half my ice cream bar (all over his face).

Nap time arrived with less screaming today. His current tactic is to change the subject by trying to get me to laugh. It was amazingly difficult to be stoic during his funny babbles and faces. Now that he's napping, I can indulge in a guilty pleasure - fruit loops and a brandy slush.

- Robin


Courtney said...

We are looking forward to the play date, but we want to lay out some ground rules first:
1. You shall not take Piyamon's food. This is grounds for a black eye.
2. You shall not flaunt or otherwise show your own food. Doing so results in immediate revoking off all of your food.
3. You haveth entered in common law marriage by proximity. What is yours is mine, what is mine is mine.
4. You shall hold all possessions at once. This way you do not get any funny ideas.
5. Saveth the tots for later. Piyamon likes to hold the last bite of a meal for later, sometimes hours later.
6. Do not feedth Piya OJ. You will regret it. And you will remember her name by the smell that sticks with you.


Sharon said...

Ok , it's me again. I had to comment on the bathroom story. I too used to stand outside while Mike took NE in. Sometimes I wanted to rush in and help, BUT sometimes I was secretly glad to just be a girl ; )
HOWEVER, now it is payback for me! Five years of waiting outside, has been made up for in just 8 months with our daughter!

On a nicer note, Yes! I agree, the amazement in their little faces when they seem to think that everyone is there just to watch them on the merry-go-round! Priceless.
(I love sharing in your 'first' experiences!)

Thanu looks SO happy and comfortable with you all, like he has always been there! Have fun!

Hannah said...

Sounds like a fun day. I enjoyed the cute video. Can't wait to see you guys again!