Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Internet blackout

We're heading back into an Internet blackout period today. We leave this morning to pick up my suit and go to our cooking class. Boon is driving us again today :)

We're looking forward to the class. It will be great to come home with some things to make T. Part of the experience includes going to a market to get our ingredients. Robin's hoping to find out what some of the crazy fruits are.

After the cooking class, we're back on the night train for Bangkok.

So, we'll back online sometime after that. The good news is that we will then have our USB cable back, so we'll start adding pics and perhaps even some video, to our Chiang Mai posts.

I just took some video outside our bungalow. It's so beautiful out here in the morning...and the sounds of the insects and farm animals is incredible. I hope it comes through on the video.

See you in BKK!



The Whole Crew said...


I am kindo of sleeping. Madisan is taking to good naps during the day but the night is killing me! She is ready to go to sleep by 6:15ish but I try to keep her up as long as I can because she sleeps until 11/11:30, wants a bottle, and then is up by 3:30 AM for good! Of course the boys can here her playing so they have been up at 5:30. By 4 pm there is an entire family of cranky people around these parts! But, it is really going VERY well! Have a blast and just go with the process...Love ready your adventures!

Amy Holland

Becca said...

Hi guys! We can't wait to see pictures and video. This internet blackout is hard - looking forward to your next blog and seeing you with Thanu in your arms!
Becca, Ben and Kailani

Anonymous said...

Have fun at your cooking class! Hopefully at the market you go to, they'll show you some more crunchy insects :p We also did a cooking class and they taught us how to make the green curry paste from scratch. After we made it though, the instructor admitted that even most Thais use the ready made paste since its easier! :) I'm looking forward to seeing your Chiang Mai pictures. I have no idea what an infinity pool is, so hopefully you guys took a picture of that.

Take care,