Friday, June 27, 2008


I knew it - T can dance!

I've been experimenting with all kinds of music, from Prince to Barenaked Ladies to the Beatles, trying to get T to shake his diaper around. I strap him in the Ergo and we dance around the living room. I seem to get a lot more out of it than he does. He tolerates it pretty well, but only cracks a smile if we're in front of the mirror and he can see himself, or if I'm so outrageously, embarrassingly silly, he has no other alternative. (We have photos of this that I swear will never be allowed on the internet.) Until now, he hasn't felt the urge to bop along.

Tonight, however, while we were letting him amuse himself with all the buttons of the television (with the power off-he still doesn't know it works and we hope to keep it that way), I decided to try some Paul Simon. I had a feeling he'd love it, and sure enough, without any prompting at all, his back to us as he worked the TV buttons, he started bobbing up and down and rocking a bit from side to side on his chubby little legs. Paul Simon it is! Kyle and I started laughing and this made him perform a little more...until he decided enough was enough and melted down for the evening. Ah well. He's had a very moody couple of days and we're cherishing the smiles when we can get them.

No video of dancing T, however, as we agreed to post no diaper shots online. We don't want to give him too much ammunition to hate us as a teenager! =)

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Melissa May said...

How fun!!! I have to say it's good for me to see pics of Thanu at home with you guys... I'm at a funny point where our adoption seems like a daydream that can't really be happening, so seeing somebody else's daydream already home helps me imagine that ours will be someday, too. : )