Thursday, June 19, 2008

Full Disclosure

I never thought I'd see the day that Kyle is the optimist and I'm the pessimist. But it's here!

Let me first say that T is a joy and I LOVE LOVE LOVE him so much. Forget global warming - it's his giggles melting the ice caps.

But if you only read this blog and aren't a fly on the wall in our home, you might not guess the craziness in between the giggles. We've had quite a few trying hours, with lots of inconsolable screaming, often between the hours of 2am and 4am. Every diaper change and most meals are performed to a soundtrack of terrible shrieks. We use only diapers lined with spikes and the oil of hot peppers. Foods he liked the meal before are suddenly disgusting and must be spit and thrown. Nap-time arrives peacefully only if he plays himself into unconsciousness. If, God forbid, we see he's exhausted and try to lay him down, he screams for an hour before passing out.

He's very Jekyll and Hyde. One minute he's all smiles and then suddenly he's crying with huge tears rolling down his pretty cheeks. I can hardly blame him. He's been here less than a week, is stuck with a bunch of giants who don't understand his language, might be feeling sick after his chicken pox vaccine, and is cutting a new tooth. All things told, it could be much worse.

Kyle, understandably, wants to share the positives, of which there are many. I just don't want to give the impression that this experience is breezy (and if we decide to do this again, I want to remember what we're in for!). Thank goodness we have each other, because when one of us is ready to start crying along with him, the other usually has a clear head and can step in and offer a break. I have a new-found huge, amazing respect for single parents. I have no idea how they do it.

On a more positive note, yesterday we discovered T loves ice cream. Or perhaps that's not a positive, as he gobbled almost my entire sundae!



Melissa May said...

I'm just sitting here thinking "uh-huh!" Sounds like he's quite the normal (fabulous!) kid!!! I absolutely agree about not having ANY idea how single parents survive.

And in case you don't have enough advice/suggestions to make you nauseous yet... I (with many others I know) am a HUGE fan of Hyland's Teething Tablets. They're homeopathic, soft little dissolving tablets that really helped my kids when they were teething (and my kids were EXTREMELY sensitive teethers!) They work fast and are really safe. : )

Keep up the great work! You're obviously great parents! : )

Anonymous said...

What you describe is totally normal and I can totally relate - feel free to cry every good mother does!!!


Emily said...

yep, that sounds about right. I just LOVE HIM.

Sharon said...

Guys, It has been SUCH a pleasure to read your blog. Thank you! Seeing you at home with Thanu is just heartwarming and believe me everything you write about IS normal. You are doing a great job, and it is not easy. I too, have a huge respect for single parents, and you are right when you say that just when one of you is about to crash the other is there to pick us back up and keep things going. It brings a whole new definition to 'team' work doesn't it!
Reading along reminds me so much of of what we went through with our little guy (and first child) (the second one was a WHOLE different experience), the moments of joy that truly were just magical, and then the low points that were sometimes just heartbreaking. You have brought back so many memories for me, and I just gave NE the biggest hug, inspired courtesy of you all! Thanu reminds me of Ex, you guys remind me of us! Thanks for sharing, it's just wonderful!
Have a great weekend!!
(BTW - I love those little bells on his ankles, they are so cute!),

Chris, Terri, Matt and Mark said...

Could it possibly be that I've gone 3 days since reading your blog? Shame on me! Well - rest assured - Thanu is completely normal! My kids would switch from day to day on food also. My oldest (Matt) ate only lasagna and spaghetti for one solid month at Thanu's age earning him the name Little Luigi. Mark still only eats about 3 different main dishes. Diapering aaaah - how I can't believe I'm willingly going back to such self-torture. I'm still in awe when I witness toddlers who JUST LAY THERE!!! At times, both mine had a happy/ticked-off switch and at times I wanted to remove their batteries. I laugh at how we handled it now. I certainly didn't laugh at the time. I think some restaurants still have Matt's picture behind the hostess stand (wait time is 3 hours if this kid shows up). LOL