Sunday, June 15, 2008

First full day in Wisconsin

These 2 pictures are clearly related. We had fun today, but really struggled to stay awake during daylight hours. We are so jet-lagged, and each nap T took had to be ended with gongs and marching bands or he would have slept until Friday. We desperately want him to sleep tonight so we did everything we could to wear him out, and steered him clear of the bed every time he yawned and pointed. He was finally falling asleep at the park on the baby swing and while riding the bucking dinosaur with Dad when we decided enough was enough and making it to 7pm was pretty good for day one.

Oh - and we started cloth diapers today with mixed results. We hope to improve our folding technique, but he either likes them a tiny fraction better than disposables or he's resigning himself to the fact that he's not going to be allowed the luxury of running around with a naked bottom anymore.

In roughly 17 seconds, I'm going to be as unconscious as he is in the second photo.



Jason said...

Hope everything's going well, kids. Can't wait to see the whole fam again soon. Enjoy your (ma/pa)-ternity time with your boy!

Anonymous said...

glad to hear that bedtime went well - 7pm is great we struggle for over 2months to get K to fall asleep at 7:30pm the earlier the better they tend to sleep - so way to go!!!


Free at Last said...

Hi Kyle, Robin and Thanu,
I have really enjoyed reading about your journey, and I celebrate with you and the joyous return to your home-A New Family! I can't wait to meet Thanu in person, maybe at church some Sunday. Robyn, I'm sure your mother will let me know when you might be there. Take Good care- You have certainly given "birth" to a new family. Nancy V.

Jay and Chandra Regan said...

Happy Father's Day! So glad you made it, although it sounded like quite a rough trip home. It's so neat to see him playing with his toys at home. When I lived in Japan and would fly back it always took me at least one week to recover. So, hang-in-there! Things will get better. Sounds like you're definitely trying the right strategies.