Thursday, June 26, 2008

Elephants and Herman's Hermits

What do elephants and Herman's Hermits have in common? Until today, I didn't think there was anything they had in common, but it turns out that the combination of the two seems to put T at ease during diaper changing time.

Robin recently changed the decoration around his diaper changing area to include elephants, and I started singing "I'm Henry VIII, I Am" during diaper changing. Since then, he's been tear-free. It's only worked a few times, so I'm not optimistic this will keep working, but we'll use it while we can.

Bath time also worked out better last night. We made the fun of the bath look irresistible (bubble noses, bath drums, dinosaurs, splashing...who could resist?) and he couldn't help but want to get in.

T is getting ever so close to walking. By the time some of you read this, he may actually be on his feet (as a matter of fact, he's walking as I type this). In the meantime, here's some video of some close calls from yesterday. You should also know that T now knows that Punkin will chase her little red Kong toy if it's thrown. Sometimes he's confused and likes to just throw it at her.

Here's some more pictures from play time. Can you figure out which is his favorite book? (We have it memorized.)

Big Bird and Cookie Monster hand puppets are also a hit. He likes to chew on Big Bird's beak and watch Big Bird squeal in pain. Yeah yeah, I know...we shouldn't encourage hilarious violence. I promise we'll break him of that (my own health depends on it).

T also loves playing with the phone (when we're using it, of course) so lucky for him, and us, we have an old portable phone in the basement. Take out the batteries and you have an instant toy.



Anonymous said...

He is definitely going to beat Khirissa at walking - it has been a week since she figure out how to stand up by herself but still doesn't want to risk the walking part on her own...and I am not surprise "CAR" is his favorite book - he is a boy after all!!! Pretty soon you will know more about all sort of transportation vehicles (land, water and sea) than you ever though you would!!


Nichole said...

What a sweety. I love the picture of Punkin giving him a kiss. They look like best friends

Jay and Chandra Regan said...

So cute! And how exciting that he's starting to walk!

Glen and Andrea said...

He is beautiful!!! Our boy Hugo is also FASCINATED with vehicles; they never lose their excitement. I was asking Glen what was so interesting about them and said I wonder what little boys got excited about before the cars were invented, he replied that they probably pointed the same but said 'cart, cart, cart, cart!!' instead of pointing and saying 'car, car, car, car'.

The Whole Crew said...

Hi Guys! Wanted to comment on the bath thing...Madi also did not enjoy her bath so I started bathing her in a few inches of warm water in the kitchen sink! Hand her some kitchen paraphenalia and it is so much better (and not to mention - lower maintenance!) I think the big bath tub initially scared her! Good luck!

Amy Holland