Wednesday, June 25, 2008


My mind as been swimming with all the topics I could cover from what's been happening this week. As you can tell from our sparse blogging, we've been busy.

Instead of writing a lot about a few topics, I thought I'd write a little about a lot. Here come the bullets:

--T's been sleeping well at night...he occasionally wakes up to scream for 5-10 seconds, but immediately goes back to sleep. It's just enough to wake us up, but then we go back to sleep too.

--Meal time has improved drastically. This is partly because T is eating better, and partly because we're finding better ways to feed him. We've learned not to bring out individual dishes until we're ready to feed them to him - only one food can be in sight at a time. Among the things he's now eating: chicken soup, waffles, eggs, various fruits and vegetables, ham, rice, potato salad, baked beans, baked oatmeal...and on and on.

--The other night Robin made a nice and spicy green curry. We didn't expect to feed it to T, but we gave him a spoonful...and he asked for more. This was SPICY was making our noses water. He kept asking for more, with no signs that the spice was affecting him. Now that's native Thai! We're thrilled, but we won't mention it to his doctor.

--Diaper time is getting better, but can still be a challenge. It's hit or miss. Most of the time he hates it, but this morning, for instance, he seemed fine...just let me do my business without much fuss.

--Cloth diapers are going great. They aren't that much work and the weather has been so great, we've been hanging them to dry outside. We've improved our we have very few leaks.

--We have a good routine going...with a nap in the mid-morning and again in the early afternoon. We feel pathetic going to bed at 8:00, but then, we're up at 5:00. Personally, I love this schedule. The morning is the best time to be awake.

--My brother was over yesterday to fortify our home baby defenses. I'm now feeling a little better about T staying safe in the house (by brother is much handier and faster with the tools than I am).

--Playtime is what I dread the most...I'm not terribly creative, so I feel like I've not very entertaining for him. But, I've found that all that's needed is his creativity. I gave him a pot and spoon to play with yesterday. He made some toy soup, and then decided to put himself in the soup. Very entertaining. The mosquitoes are limiting our outdoor time. Typically we would avoid going out in the midday sun, but we've decided it's better than fighting the mosquitoes.

--We now have a "forbidden toy" stack in the "forbidden room" (the room he's simply not allowed into). The "forbidden toys" are mostly toys that too easily double as weapons.

--T is VERY close to walking. In fact, he's gotten up off the floor and taken a few steps on a couple occasions. But, whenever this happens, there is such a noise of excitement from everyone around him, that he freezes and falls, and might be frightened to try it again :)

--Bath time has been going fine, until yesterday. He just decided that he hated it. So, today we are off to get some bubble bath and some more exciting bath toys. We also have a game plan going into the next bath time.

--Robin and I are SORE. We know that T's ability to walk will create it's own unique challenges, but not having to carry him will be a welcome change. By the way, have we mentioned that we love the ergo? We can walk around all day with him in the ergo, no problems.

--Our friends Jim and Courtney, in a nearby city, are in Bangkok and nearly ready to come home with Piyamon. We're so excited for them and can't wait for our first play date after they've settled in.

--Skype has been a nice tool to introduce T to family member who live further away. We have it hooked up to the living room TV, which makes for easy video chatting.

--Punkin is doing well. Her biggest complaint is when she gets left on one floor while we're on the other (the baby gates limit her movement). At least once she's jumped the gate to get downstairs. Oh, and since we have the chairs pulled from the table all the time now, she likes to go table surfing for leftovers after meals. Very bad when the meal is chocolate pudding. (Inducing vomiting was not fun for anyone involved!)

--We still haven't turned on the TV. It's great. There isn't time for it anyway. T seems to be enjoying his board books (over and over and over again). Yesterday was his first trip to the library - while T isn't bored with his books yet, Mom wanted a change.

--There is continued discussion over T's name. "T" will be his first name, but it's the middle and last name that are tricky. We have until finalization to make a decision, so it means six more months of indecision. (Robin thinks she's made a decision and is just waiting for Kyle to come to the same inevitable choice.)

-This is a whole other blog post, but I've marveled at how much of this is really going as expected. So many people told me, going into this, that "it will change your entire life". I heard this so often, I pretty much expected it. For me, there really wasn't a "holy crap, what have we done" moment. That's not to say it's been's just that I didn't expect it to be easy.

--At this point, Robin and I feel like we're mostly dealing with the issues any parent of a one-year-old would be dealing with....and we're feeling pretty good about it. We have some attachment issues to work through yet, but he still smiles, and it continues to melt our hearts.



Danielle said...

Hi Kyle and Robin--

First of all, Thanu is so cute. I cannot get over how adorable he is....

Second of all, as a parent of a toddler, I can offer this --everything that you're going through seems completely normal. My husband and I had that 5am to 8pm schedule until our son turned three. It's a whirlwind, that's for sure! (It goes without saying that it's all worth it, but still, it can be really hard.)

I wish you well. He's a cutie!


Melissa May said...

I'm glad you all are doing so well! How fabulous that he's sleeping well and fun that he's learning how to walk with you! Hilarious about the spicy curry... : )

Hannah said...

You didn't ask's my advice. You should just feed Thanu whatever you are eating (aside from the stuff he's not allowed yet due to age). It will keep his tastes open to new and "unusual" things and you won't have worry about making 2 things for dinner (and having a picky eater at the age of 4). Maybe when making the curry, pull a little out before adding in extra spice if you are worried. I can't believe any doctor would be upset over exposing him to all sorts of foods and flavors. It beats having a kid that will only eat chicken fingers and pizza, which can make dinner time tricky.