Thursday, June 12, 2008

Biding our time

We had a successful trip to the embassy today. We leave in the next hour to pick up T's visa. We will be able to leave Thailand as scheduled.

We were amused by one of the signs on the skywalk near the embassy. It's amazing how many ways you could accidentally kill yourself in this city. Dangers no one would ever chance in the states are everyday hazards here. Still, everyone survives....mostly.
  • This photo was taken on "Wireless Road", no kidding.

It's kind of like the highways. Sure they're dangerous, but they somehow work. We're over being stressed about the traffic. It's interesting because while the traffic is crazy here, there is little stress about it. Very little road rage. It's amazing the difference it makes. Traffic here is like a chaotic symphony.

We're now left with time to kill, which we're finding very difficult in a hotel room. T has a tolerance for about 45 minutes in the room before melting down. We walk him around the hallway for five minutes and coax him back in with some toys, and he's fine again. I can't say that I blame him...even with the toys we brought, the room just isn't very interesting.

But we found some pretzel sticks at the store he seems to enjoy.
So, now we look for ways to kill some more time. We walk wherever we can because he likes it, and it takes more time. It's also a good way to get him napping (even in the heat and noise of Bangkok streets). We plan on going swimming a few more times. We went last night, and it was a hit, except for changing the always. He was giggling the whole time.

Tonight we dine with Robin's friend Fone. We've been trying to meet up with her since we got here and it hasn't worked out until today.

We don't depart until late fact, it's after midnight Friday night, which would actually mean we're technically leaving on Saturday. We have to check out by 4:00, so we'll have plenty of time at the airport...let's hope he REALLY enjoys watching planes.

We expect a tough flight home...T really doesn't like staying in one place for too long. For sure, we'll be wearing out the carpet in the plane's aisles. Our only hope is that we exhaust him to the point of a full 24 hours of unconsciousness.

That's more like to happen to us, than to him.

By the way, T likes to point at cars. We've decided to teach him the word for "car" is "Honda".



Hanna & said...

Have a nice trip home guys !!!!
And then three more weeks of intense living together. Just enjoy every moment !!!
Greetz and hear you soon.
Hanna, Elke, Maarten & ...

Farrah and Jed said...

Good for ya'll....I'm so happy you are on scedule

Hannah said...

It sounds like you've had an amazing trip but coming home is always a nice feeling.

have a safe trip - although I hope we hear a few more posts before you leave. I'm totally addicted to checking your blog :)

coole chris said...

I am so glad for all of you that everything is on schedule and that Thanu is doing so well ! Coming home with home will be a total new adventure. Marvellous ! Enjoy every moment !
PS Many greetings to Fone from me and Nora (she comes to morrow)

Melissa May said...

Buy some more pretzel sticks for the trip home!!! Thanks again so much for sharing your journey... I have so many questions for you guys, but I'll spare you for now. : ) Saying prayers for a good flight, a happy little traveller and that both of you stay healthy between now and when you get home!!!

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip!!! Thanu is simply adorable. Enjoy your time together for those three weeks at home of just the three of you!!!