Friday, June 13, 2008


Our late flight out of Bangkok was tough. It left at 1am and we were ALL very tired. Once we boarded the plane, T was enchanted with looking out the window. He thankfully slept most of the flight.
Thank you, thank you, thank you to the family that shared their airplane horror story (Leah?) - I headed your warning and packed a change of clothes for myself (that would nevver have occurred to me otherwise). Sure enough, T's diaper overflowed all over my lap - thank GOODNESS I had an extra pair of pants to change into!!! I still have the longer flight to go - I think I'm going to make Kyle hold him. He's so active, it's hard to keep him entertained on the flight, and he hated the food. He's living on pretzels, cheerios, and formula right now. I can't find a banana in the Seoul airport to save my life.

Gotta run. He's getting unhappy. Think sleepy thoughts for us!



Sharon said...

Hey guys, I have been following along, checking many times a day for posts, but have not a had a chance to write the last few days. I have LOVED reading about your journey to Thanu, and he to you; it has been a daily 'treat' for me each day! Thanks so much for sharing, you are wonderful writers.
Thanu is just ADORABLE. He has the most amazing smile and is just so sweet. It looks like he has been with you forever already. Not long now and you will be home. I have been thinking about you all day, and praying that the trip home is good to you all.
Congratulations!!! You are now a 'new' family!
Love from,

Becca said...

Sleepy thoughts coming your way!

Rosemary said...

This picture of Thanu sleeping on robin is the cutest "mommy picture" ever!

Melissa May said...

I'm assuming/hoping you're home already??? Congratulations and may you all recuperate quickly!!!!!