Friday, May 30, 2008

She knows...

Dogs are not stupid. Our dog, Punkin, comes across that way, but she's not. Since we got home from work yesterday, she's been extremely clingy. She's been watching us pack for well over a week in Thanu's room...and I think she has some hint of what's to come.

We're gonna miss her while we're gone.

Thanks for all the comments and positive thoughts. Next time you hear from us, we'll be in Bangkok.



Courtney said...

Oh! Punkin, I feel for you. I think our cats are feeling the same way, seeing that things are changing and that soon things will be very, very different around here. But, Punkin, enjoy the next couple of weeks because your life will never be calm again. In fact, I think our cats would opt to permanently move to our in-laws house if they knew what was up.

Kyle and Robin, have a safe trip! We'll be thinking of you today and getting sympathy goosebumps thinking of all the excitement that lies ahead for you :)

Hanna & said...

Have a nice trip and again, we can't wish you enough of it, good luck !!!!!
We think about you guys.
Elke, Hanna, Maarten & ...

Melissa May said...

Happy trails!!! When we were getting ready to go to Thailand a couple years ago, our dog Bagel (who is outside all the time) definitely knew something was going on and was very anxious. And we weren't even bringing home anyone new that time!

Can't wait for the next part of your adventure to get here!!!

Sharon said...

Punkin, just think of how happy you will be in just a few weeks when Kyle and Robin get back! They will SO happy to see you too! Hang in there Buddy, we are thinking of you!

Kyle and Robin, I'm not exactly sure when you leave, and I have probably missed you by now, but have an AWESOME trip!!! We are very excited for you, and can't wait to see photos of little Thanu in your arms. Not long now. Try to take in every second, as it goes by so fast, and before you know it, you will be on your way back with your little guy!
Safe travels, and many blessings,

Sharon and family. (Holt Forum friend)