Saturday, May 31, 2008


We're more than half-way there! We have a 2 hours layover in Seoul, so we decided to jot down some notes from our adventure so far so we don't forget anything.

While we waited at O'Hare for our flight, we spent a lot of time looking at a really interesting exibit of pictures lining a full half of the hallways in the International Departures area. It was titled Material World, and showed photographs of families from all over the world. Each family was standing outside their home, and all of their personal belongings were outside with them. It was fascinating. And the kids who lived in the tiniest homes, whose parents had almost nothing, had smiles just as big as the family in Texas whose belgonings barely fit in their yard. Our favorite photo was the Thai family, obviously.The flight on Korean Air was really awesome (or at least as awesome as a coach flight can be). Take-off made me cry - I'm getting awfully emotional and excited. The stewardesses gave impecable service and when it was time for lunch, we were given the option of pasta or Bibimbap. The stewardess clearly wanted us to choose the pasta, and said, "The Bibimbap is a Korean dish. Very spicy." "Great. We'll take that." She looked concerned, and tentatively handed over our trays. Then she came back with an instruction sheet of how to mix all the ingredients together to eat it. It was DELICIOUS.

Kyle was sad there was no cartoon map of an airplane crawling excruciatingly slowly across the world (thankfully - they make me feel like we'll NEVER arrive). So when we looked out the window and saw mile after mile of beautiful mountains we weren't sure where we were. Our guess is Alaska or Russia. Either way, it was beautiful. Korea looks interesting from the air. I wish we had time to explore here. Maybe next time. =)

There was a little Korean boy around Thanu's age sitting a few rows ahead of us on the plane, and watching him giggle and smile made me tear up, too. He was so good for the entire flight. Boy, I hope we are that lucky! The stewardesses were very attentive to him and his family for the whole flight, so at least we think we'll get help if we need it.

That's all for now. Stay tuned.



Glen and Andrea said...

Exciting, exciting, exciting!!!!! I'm tearing up thinking about you tearing up reminding me of me tearing up on take off!!! Can't wait to read more.

Courtney said...

Glad to hear that the trip is moving smoothly if slowly. We are of course hanging on your every word. I get a little nervous just waiting, it would be nice if we were on the plane too. Courtney got that book (Material World) as a gift some years back, a great reminder of how people live (how they actually live). Have fun living Thai without Thanu for a week, Only one more week. As a side note, Courtney wants to buy a rain jacket in Thailand. What family friendly mall do you recommend? : )

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you chose the Bibimbap!!! I have also flown KA and had that dish for the very first time. Same set of instructions too! I was happy to see a picture of Korea from the airplane :) Today I mailed of our homestudy invoice so hopefully that process begins soon.

Have a wonderful time exploring Thailand!!! I read in an earlier post that you will be doing a cooking class in Chiang Mai- it is so much fun. And yummy :)


Sharon said...

Robin, I teared up on take-off too. Here I am tearing up just thinking about it! It's funny as each family travels to bring home their baby, and we follow along, we are either hanging on every word (as waiters), or Re-living every moment (again, and again and again).
Take off got me real hard, as it was finally all coming together, just go with it. It is an emotional time and what to me felt like a 'moment in a lifetime'. I bet you tear up with little Thanu on your lap, when you come home too. For me that was more like 'bawling' (Yes, once the stewardesses realized that I was not actually afraid of flying and just very emotional, they probably thought I was a little crazy) It's all part of becoming a Mama!
I love following along with the families, Thanks so much for including us in your journey!