Sunday, May 18, 2008


This weekend Robin's family hosted a shower for us and a birthday party for T. It was perfect timing for T's birthday and our travel date.

There was a great turnout...over 30 people were able to make it...and there was a lot of enthusiasm for T.

There were LOTS of wonderful presents...Robin and I are busy going through them today...and trying hard to stay on task without playing with some of the new toys. As you can see from the picture, we were buried in presents.

Ewan, lead the charge in the kitchen cooking up an amazing Thai feast. Everyone pitched in, but Ewan took control of the kitchen and worked his magic. He makes stuff without looking at recipes...I like cooking, but I need very specific instructions (I don't even like to be told to add a "dash" of something"...if it's 1/8 teaspoon, say so!). The food got rave reviews.

The weather could have been a little better. We had hoped to let people sit outside and play games in the luck there.
So now, we're back home and trying to unwind from the busy weekend. We have a lot of stuff to unpack, and we're trying to find places for everything. One thing we realized early is that it would be a good idea to put some toys in storage and rotate the collection. A fresh batch of toys would seem to keep up the enthusiasm for play time.

The cake was great. It was a hazelnut cake with sliced strawberries and chocolate butter cream frosting. The little elephant holding the candle comes from a collection of animals Robin's mom has. We were sure to freeze some of the cake so T can enjoy making a mess out of it when he gets home.

Thanks to everyone who came. It's great that we have such a supportive group of friends and family behind us.

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Hannah said...

Okay - I'm sure you know this BUT make sure the cake doesn't actually have any pieces of nuts in it before you give to Thanu. :) No actual nut pieces until he's much older. Be careful with the strawberries to, they are a strong allergy risk. Sorry, don't mean to sound know-it-all, but it's hard to know this stuff as first time parents. :)