Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Kyle is my worrier, and the top of his worry list this week is our blog. So in the interest of keeping him sleeping full nights, and for all the reasons we can't think of, we've decided to switch over to a closed blog until the adoption is finalized.

This was a difficult decision for us - we cherish the connections and friends we've made through having an open blog, and the blogs of families that have gone before us have been an invaluable source of inspiration and advice. We also so appreciate all of the comments with well-wishes and advice that we've gotten from across the country and around the world in the last year. The support we've received has been amazing and we're very grateful. We hate the idea of making our blog private, but far more, we hate the thought of anything jeopardizing our adoption.

That said, we hope that all of you will continue to read our blog as we travel to bring our son home. If you're interested, send your email address to kyleandrobin at gmail dot com. We're more than happy to add you to our readership list. Once you get an invitation, Blogger requires you to sign in with a gmail account to read the blog. (You can get one for free if you don't already have one.)

We plan to switch over on Wednesday, May 28th. We hope to hear from you before then!



Melissa May said...

Oh pretty please can I keep reading??? I'm so excited for you guys and understand the paranoia thing... But I'll explain that in the email I'm about to send you. : )


Nichole said...

I would also like to keep reading. I check your blog all the time. I will send you an e-mail.

Hannah said...

You know my email - please add me to your list (I'm pretty sure that would have gone without saying) :)

Farrah and Jed said...

Hey I hope you got my email regarding the private blog...I hope you still allow me to follow your journey as I will be in the same position in a few months...

Thank you so much

Gem & James said...

Hi you two,

Good idea, I will make a link to a private blog for ours too when our time comes.

Gem x

ps will pop you an email now

Hanna & said...

Closed blog? What about it?
Kisses and a lot of good luck.
Elke, Hanna, Maarten and ...