Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I'm not a coffee addict...at least not in the sense that I need it to get out of bed and off to work in the morning. I LIKE coffee, and dropping it cold turkey typically results in some headaches.

Robin has convinced me that I should drop the habit, at least until we get back from Thailand. Access to coffee will be unreliable...we'll be very busy...and the jet lag will only compound the issue. It makes sense to quit.

But, the fact that I have to begin weaning myself soon is a sign of how close we are to traveling. Time is moving remarkably fast.

It's funny how you start counting down your "lasts"...for instance, later this week might be my "last" trip to the grocery store before we leave.

What's crazier is to know that nearly a month from now, we'll be home...and life will be unrecognizable from what it is now.

Something tells me I'll be back to drinking coffee by then.



Hannah said...

The idea of drinking coffee in the heat of Thailand should make it unappealing enough to quit :) I'm so excited so you guys that's it's getting so close.

Anonymous said...

Just in case you decide you need some there is a Starbucks just around the corner from the hotel. We found it very appealing, even in the hot weather after a night of no sleep and trying to keep up with a busy toddler :) Becca

Jason said...

K-Man, I would start by going down to 50/50 coffee first. If you get the headaches, cold turkey will be rough.

Anonymous said...

there are starbucks all over the place in BKK & Chiang Mai - and a cold frapuccino will do you good!! Oh but if in BKK head to S&P (in Siam Center) they have amazing coffee way better than Starbucks!!!

Coffee addict from Portland - Hirally