Sunday, May 25, 2008

5 days to go

This weekend has been a whirlwind of final preparations. We've run errands to get all kinds of last-minute things like baby gates and toilet lid locks, and we hit rummage sales and a friend's house to get T a few more clothes. We're basically packed and ready to go. The most important thing we did is organize a folder with all of our adoption documents. If we forget anything else, I'm sure we can get it in Thailand.

Saturday we took time to enjoy the farmer's market. Today we stopped at the local fire station to get our car safety seat installation inspected. (We passed!) We also went on a date to see Indiana Jones, and then ate at our very favorite Italian restaurant. Even though we don't eat out much, we've been going for so many years that the owner knows us (it's a tiny place). We told her tonight that next time we're there she'll have to break out the booster seat. Kyle showed her pictures of T, and she was so excited for us, she gave us one of her homemade cheesecakes on the house. Tonight's flavor was lemon-blueberry - delicious!

Now the only thing we really need to do before leaving is clean up the house a bit. Tomorrow will be spent decluttering and scrubbing. Free beer for anyone who wants to help...we start at 6am (the cleaning, not the drinking) !

And if I don't pull some of the weeds and last fall's dead plants out of the gardens tomorrow, there's going to be nothing left of our flowers.

And we haven't really planned out what we're going to spend time doing for the first week we're in Thailand. I've looked on the internet and in our guidebook and have some ideas. I just need to formalize a plan.

And my car just started making a horrid noise. I think it's saying, "Take me in for service before you drive me all the way to the airport, or you'll be sorry!"

And we haven't learned any Thai yet. Plenty of time for that, right? On the plane, maybe?



Hanna & said...

Exciting !!!
We just wanna wish you all the luck needed for your trip.
A huge hug
Hanna, Elke, Maarten & ...

Melissa May said...

Have you been following Amy (Holland)'s blog? Amazing to think that will be you very soon!!! Sounds like you're totally prepared... good job! I'm glad I found all of you before you travelled so I could follow along. : ) Looking forward to all of it!

Farrah and Jed said...

OMG Robin I didn't realize you guys were traveling so soon!!! Well it is soon to be because I recently found your blog.

Congrats I'm so happy for you!!!!