Saturday, April 5, 2008

Strange Dreams

This week, I dreamt I was racing around an airport in socks to catch an international flight. I was carrying one tennis shoe and had lost the other. I was quite fretful because they wouldn't let me fly without shoes and there were none for sale at the airport that I could fit my feet into.

Kyle dreamt T arrived at our house with a suitcase....and was 16 years old.

Nope - absolutely no anxiety here!



Glen and Andrea said...

HA! They sound just like our crazy dreams!! I have also had the dream that our boy arrived at our house with a suitcase and he was 17 and asked where his room was. But once we got our travel dates the dreams became a bit more realistic - if that's any help=)

Chris, Terri, Matt and Mark said...

Maybe it's a sign - you better back an extra pair of shoes! That is so funny. I have heard of kids losing one of their crocs in the airport.


Jay and Chandra Regan said...

I've had strange dreams, too. But, if the Thai government doesn't hurry up our daughter will be nearly 16 before we know it!