Saturday, April 26, 2008

Guest blogger: Punkin

Hi again. Kyle and Robin have asked me back to write another blog post. I'm barely given the time to write for my own blog.

I noticed something interesting on the last set of pictures we received from Thailand. It would appear T is already familiar with dogs:I figure this is good news. Kyle and Robin have been a little concerned about how T will take to me, but if he's already used to having a dog around, that should help.

I'm usually pretty good around kids. I like to jump up on people when I first meet them (Kyle and Robin have not been able to break me of this) but with kids, I don't do that. Kyle and Robin figure it's because they're so much smaller (I don't have to jump to get their attention) but really, I just like kids.

Also, I take food VERY gently. Kyle and Robin cannot take any credit for training me on this. I've always been that way.

So, I'm looking forward to meeting T, although it sounds like I won't be allowed to return home until they've been home for awhile. I suppose T will be taking in enough changes without throwing me into the mix.


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