Sunday, April 13, 2008

A frenzy of planning

A small part of our trip is now booked and official. We plan on arriving in Thailand a week early to do a little sight seeing in Chiang Mai and Bangkok. We'll spend 3 days in Chiang Mai and found a hotel that looked very quaint and relaxing, located along the river just 10km outside the city. It got many good reviews online, and I'm excited to have a quiet place to try to relax and take a deep breath before we jump into life with a toddler. Now I get to plan what we want to see while we're there. I've heard there are great local artisans, the night market, and that the elephants are very fun. Am I missing anyone's favorite sights?

Just as exciting, we booked tickets in an (air conditioned!) sleeper cabin on the train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and back. This works perfectly - the train departs in the early evening and arrives at about 7am. We'll get to see a bit of the countryside along the way, and skip wasting time in an airport. (Not to mention it's cheaper than flying and we'll save 2 nights in a hotel.)

Here's a snipit of video I pilfered off YouTube of a train in Thailand. I can't wait!



Teri said...

Congrats on a travel date. It is so excited. My husband and I travelled in January and had the most wonderful trip. If you are in Chiang Mai on a Sunday there is a special market on sunday nights which is cool. There is of course the night bizarre. Just make sure to eat lots of food they have little restaurants and vendors everywhere with delicious inexpensive food.

Emily said...

Not sure how long you guys are planning on staying in Thailand but I was there in 2006 and had a chance to go to Koh Samui. It was paradise. Could be a great place to bond with Thanu once the official stuff is done in Bangkok. So excited for you guys!

Julie said...

Have a great time planning. It is such an exciting time.

Anonymous said...

Make sure to go and eat at Udomit it was awesome and cheap!!! I can email you more details if you are interested - we really loved Chiang Mai!


TracyMcGal said...

We liked Chaing Mai as well. If you are there be sure to go to the Sunday Night Walking Market. It was unbelievable! Tuk Tuk's are a great choice in Chaing Mai but not Bangkok. Our missionary friends took us to a few great farang (foreign) places. A Mexican place tasted just like home! The mall in Chaing Mai has many affordable choices. Beware of little tour guides that approach you. We checked 3 places and chose one. They delivered everything they promised. The elephant camp we went to was probably the most fun thing I did in Thailand. There is the snake place, flower farm, monkey farm, etc. nearby and all of these places are actually on the same road. Our package included a hired driver who waited for us at each place. I think we paid 500 baht not including entrance fees. Try to launder your clothes there if you need to b/c it is a lot cheaper than Bangkok. So is money exchange and photo services. We stayed at the Imperial Mae Ping and loved it. We got a discount and only paid $50 a night right next to the night bazaar. Feel free to ask me any questions. Your gonna have a great time!

Anonymous said...

How exciting! We still haven't booked our trip as we are waiting for clarification/confirmation as to the May 21 date. Apparently the paperwork said Wednesday, May 23 and we want to confirm that this is indeed the 21, not the 28. It is Thai New Year, so we can't confirm until Thursday. We are also going a week early...the lull before the storm so to speak! My parents are coming to stay with the kiddos. We are going south to Phuket I think. I am working on our blog - I'll let you know when it is up!

Amy Holland