Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Flight follow-up

Thanks to everyone who commented on our post about booking flights.

I've got one more question.

How did you book your flight? I've only booked my travel on the Internet, but given the variables involved in this trip, I may have to consider going to a travel agent.

Is that rational?


P.S. from Robin: Can you tell Kyle is getting a little excited? No, we have no indication that we'll be traveling anytime soon. But thanks for all of the advice!


Anonymous said...

we usually book flights via internet too, however at Christmas time when we went back for a month we had a few stop overs etc, and it was such a long way that we went via a travel agency. The did very well as the advantage with usuing travel agency is they are clued up about time needed for transfers etc, so that worked out well for us, especially going through some countries as the airports can be massive with terminals all over the place to race to for the next flight. We didnt find it any more expensive with the travel agency, as I think they manage to get good deals we dont always see via the internet.

Anonymous said...

sorry typo missed fact, i am refering our trip from aus to uk not thailand

Julie said...

Like you we do usually book via the internet. For our Thai flights we have used a travel agency. They have been a great help to organise things and I do not feel it had been any more expensive. You will have so much to do when you get the call to travel, it is great to know the flights are taken care of and one less thing to worry about.

Hannah said...

It might be best to call the airlines directly. Many times travel agencies won't have access to the special discounts like adoption fares or be able to maybe give you upgrades for a lower rate.....you could try calling and field out the representatives for flexibility - but ultimately might have to talk to a supervisor.